Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Black Man's Burden

Toronto cops raided a local neighbourhood arresting over 100 people and confiscating guns, dope and cash. This in an effort to head off a repeat of last summer's 'shootin' season'. 1000 different charges laid and related raids in other areas of the city and in other communities. The first, or so the Chief tells us, of more to come.

Two minor points ignored in yesterday's headlines: first, that most of those arrested were Black and second, that the 'Jamestown community', where the gang bangers live is public housing. In short, the people of Toronto have been subsidizing the living of these crooks.

The Saturday Star carries the standard 'disenfranchisement' dirge that usually shows up a day after da boyz have been blastin' each other. This time it's about the damaging ramifications to the "community" resulting from the sudden removal of so many residents. An apparently 'enfranchised' Black woman - she gets a whack of column inches to make excuses - is doing what others have obviously been doing for quite a while, apologizing for these young louts, without expecting anything from them. She wants counselling teams, and special programs, educational opportunities, new housing money and job training to help these young men and others 'on their way up' to be able to take their place in society.

It seems to me that those opportunities are already there and these 'gangstas' are taking their places in society - as fathers to a number of illegitimate children, as night-time socializers and daytime snoozers, drivers of flashy cars and wearers of $100 baseball caps, shooters and thieves. In short, they've brought the post-slavery mentality of the Caribbean culture - "the I don' wan do nuthin" part - to Canada and it has been embraced. There's a lot to be stealin' in Canada.

Somebody else wrote an unrelated article this week about 'Nurturing being better than Punishing'. No doubt there are elements in Toronto who would see this as the obvious solution for these poor picked-upon black men. I agree with the sentiment, but it should stop by age 4 in most cases and then responsibility training and logical consequences for 'bad' behaviour become the teaching tools. These little princes don't need more nurturing. The behaviour of relatves in the courtroom indicates they're still getting lots of that. By this time in their lives, they need to be back somewhere warm, where not doing anything is survivable without hurting other people. Or they need to be in jail, and I would suggest a different kind of jail. A 'community' jail - where their 'baby mamas' can join them (since community seems to be so important to them). Located, say, at the northern end of HWY 69, or 50 miles west of Timmins or east of New Liskeard, where they can learn the value of hard work to build homes and neighbourhoods where they won't be 'minorities' and can provide for themselves without guns and dope.

Coming to Canada is tough, particularly if you come from somewhere with no 'winter'. Growing up is tough, maybe even tougher in a cultural setting that sees 'fathers' as 'sperminators'. Some cultural baggage needs to be forgotten. Canada provides opportunities to get ahead if you want to work. It's too bad that Canada also provides opportunities for those who don't want to work. That, apparently, is the black man's burden.

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