Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Dook of Oil

The national Tories and Ontario's Liberals seem to be on the same side of the bed when it comes to trying to deal with Global warming. They both appreciate the 'importance of big business' in finding a solution. Right now, that solution is to keep right on doing what big business has been doing all along, looking out for number one.

That blockhead with bad dentures who gravitated from the ranks of Mike Harris' crisis-creators, is now the talking head for the Prime Minister. Now he's blathering on about trying to fix the problems of Canada's over- emissions as the cause of an economic recession, the same way he said not paying enough for Hydro- electric would cause an economic collapse. Hw was right then, we're paying a lot more now, so it didn't. So what's he propose? Why some much needed tax-relief to the Auto industry to help them peddle the dirty cars they produce. And a tax freedom period so the oil industry can go on raking in the wealth while dirtying up the world. The 'Dook' is the test blimp to see how Canadians feel about the Tory solution to Kyoto. If they don't like it, he'll join the better looking ex-environment minister in an easier portfolio.

This would be ludicrous if only it hadn't been coming for so long. Back in 1978 when I got my first brand new car, it was touted as having 'California emissions standards' - a whole new idea at the time. That, somehow, all the stuff that came out the tail pipe wasn't as good as it smelled. Since then that's about as far as Canadian emissions standards have advanced. In fact they've receded. With the reinvention of the BIG car in the 90's, emission standards were allowed to slip, along with gas mileage, in order to get some muscle back into the automobile. The Auto industry apparently thought BIG was going to last - they goofed and now the government (read us) has to help them out. What would our auto workers do if they couldn't build those massive machines? Build smaller efficient machines, you say? It would take a change of attitude in the Auto sector akin to George Bush changing his mind about Jihadis.

But what else can be done? The oil industry is driving the economy right now - you wouldn't want to disturb that goose. Manufacturing - based on the auto industry is like somebody with dysentery - one good crap and the whole thing falls apart. Our friendly neighbors to the south would certainly look to themselves if push came to getting into the can first. One can understand Daltie McG cozying up to Buzzy Hargrove - vote be damned, it's jobs they're trying to save. If that just so happens to be the same line spouted by Mr. Mumbles will, hey, it's consonance. That oil profit money will be well invested building more oil consumers.

It should be, and should have been, spent on getting Canada into the forefront of alternative energy production. Water purification, waste disposal, hazardous materials - all things that Canada has known about for so long, and now potential sources of wealth. Ignored to extend the life of a creature that has seen its best days and an industry that has polluted its way to profit.

If it wasn't for the fact that 3 out of every 5 Canadian jobs are dependent on that particular industry, it might be worth seeing if it could breathe on its own. We just might get to do that anyway - 10 years and billions of dollars from now. But we might not be able to breathe by then too.