Monday, August 15, 2016

Yay for Our Side! We prevented a Jihadi!

A neighborhood in the small Ontario town of  Strathroy, Ontario got a rare treat when representatives of Canada's security services - except perhaps the armed forces - 'took down' a real, live terror threat. Terrorist  Aaron Driver aged 21 was shot and killed after one of two bombs he had made exploded in the taxi he planned to take to a Mall attack.

Driver had previously been charged with being interested in terror and was on a 'peace bond' to avoid doing things on the internet and  reading jihadist material. Police had requested that judicial order, I would imagine, because the judge couldn't convict him of something that would have required a jail sentence, or probation. So when the mandated period for wearing his "locator anklet" expired,  the jihadi-in-waiting left Winnipeg and moved in with a sister in Strathroy.  Obviously he was aware that he was being watched - which explains perhaps that the authorities were not aware that he was back on-line and doing things he wasn't supposed to be doing. It was the Islamic-style pre-suicide attack tape he made, and posted,  that got somebody's attention.

Thank goodness it only took less than a day to identify the masked man in the video, locate him in Canada, mobilize a force from three police organizations, stage for a raid and stop him before he killed himself and perhaps innocent people. The bomb that exploded will require having to replace the backseat of the cab he was taking to his 'attack'. He was uninjured enough to want to ignite the second bomb - that action got him shot. The cabby was 'shaken-up' as, no doubt, was the police sniper.

Security forces did their job.

 But they might not have been able to do that without some help from the 'FBI' or whatever body (probably the company of which  Snowden is an alumnus)  that keeps an eye on Canadians for our security forces, while our security forces, and the other 'five eyes' nations keep an eye on Americans. You see national laws protect citizens from national security snooping, but foreign spy agencies can act at will.  That's only bad if they're the kind of spy agencies that don't share what they find out.   If they do share, what they're spying on, they're called 'allies'.

I've mentioned before, a friend with 'connections' to US security being 'warned' that he was in contact with a possible 'subversive writer' .... moi?   But that was years ago when America was up  to its testicles in Iraq.  Things have gotten better.

So, if some 'representative' of US national security is browsing this screed (I tagged it with 'bomb' and ]jihad]), I still think you could have more useful employment.

But I digress.

Last year when terrorist  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau popped onto police scanners wearing a bandanna and holding an antique  - and what looked a hell of a lot like a .22 calibre - 'Winchester' in a photo taken by a tourist at the War Memorial in Ottawa, it didn't take much more than a hour for US 'authorities' to identify him from their 'records'. Later investigation revealed that Canadian police 'knew' him from some 'dust-ups' in homeless shelters ion the West Coast.  They certainly didn't know him while he was shooting-up the parliament buildings.  But America did.

Here again America was able to inform Canadian authorities that a video had been posted but, we are told, not much else for a nation wide effort ensued, as reported,  to identify the masked man. Police in Winnipeg, again reportedly, made the connection and he was tracked to his residence in Strathroy.  Concerning ere is apparently, the fact that a security agency that could identify a flop-house pugilist in less than an hour couldn't identify someone who, by virtue of the police charges alone,  should have been in the terrorist database in the USA.   Or don't self-radicalizing people get identified?

I'll bet the recently exonerated pressure cooker legislature bombers from BC are on the no-go list and  will always have a tough time 'going stateside' or, even, jaywalking in Canada.

As it is another 'terrorist' bites the dust. Chalk another one up to 'the fight for freedom, peace and justice'. And all the other things that make 'them' hate 'us' so much.

By the way, this story went 'poof' just as quickly as it appeared.  No post mortems, no exposes of the perp or how he got that way.  Important enough to serve as another part of the saga of why it's really important to kill 'them'  'over there'.  A typical false flag profile.

There are more 'victims' to-day than ever before.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Crazy Can It Get?

An elderly couple in Rome , Italy, were reported to police, yesterday, who attended to them in a suspected case of domestic violence. It turns out all the shouting they were doing was a 'cri de coeur' from a pair of septuagenarians feeling very alone in an increasingly frightening world.  It seems the female half of the partnership was in the habit of 'keeping up with world news' and tried to keep her husband 'in the know'.  The police responded by reassuring the oldsters and cooking them some pasta.

The daily news would terrify anybody. Not simply for what happens, but for the increasing evidence that those 'in charge' may be profoundly negligent, malignant or just plain stupid.

As evidence of this is the latest result of Olympic doping scandal.

It has been two years since the last Olympics,  in Sochi, where it is now claimed, on the evidence, of a pair if defecting athletes, that Russia engaged in a "national program" of fudging lab tests and test results,  to cover-up the already wide-spread allegation that most of its competitors were 'doping'. As a result of this, and a Canadian lawyer's investigatory report,  a number of Russian athletes were banned from current Olympic competition. A substantial number of others - who were claimed to have tested positive for doping at other venues since -  have been admitted to competition.  That's not the stupid part. The banning of the complete Russian Para-Olympic team is the stupid part.

These athletes weren't involved in the Sochi doping - or at least no evidence has been offered of that - but the international organization seeing to 'para-olympics' took a 'brave (politically correct)  stand' that the IOOC couldn't,  or wouldn't,  and sanctioned the Russian team, as a whole,  for what, apparently, their dope-testing apparatchiks at the other Olympics did.  "Russia Lets the Disabled Down" said the headlines. And then the 'good guys'  'nailed' the cripples.

(I have to interject a note:  In the light of the recent Rio paralympics it was announced that, in the prior summer paralympics (London)  there was evidence of "large numbers" of the Russian team displaying characteristics of doping.   But maybe that's something that happens in populations of special needs people? For apparently it has also come to light that a number of Olympic Athletes have permitted to compete even while on restricted medications "prescribed for medical reasons" - one of note was the multi gold winner in gymnastics, Simone Biles, who is on a regular regimen of anti-HDSD medications that would otherwise disqualify her.  Another interesting fact coming out of Rio is that the Paralympics competition in the 400 m run for men, exceeded the gold medal performance at the Olympics. )

What's really stupid is that the IOOC would trust any host nation to be 'responsible' for dope testing  that's just asking for some shenanigans.  If it's important,  the IOOC should have its own, separate, drug-testing entity, funded out of the proceeds the IOOC already receives from all aspects of the Olympic games.

That, apparently, is too hard to do.  Or too expensive. Or something.  But not too  stupid. That continues.

But while they're passing out the imbecile awards, you get gob-smacked by the realization that cretins deserve awards too.

 In a Florida city of Punta Gorda , yesterday, a 'local initiative' to help  citizens  better understand how their city government works, resulted the the shooting death of a 79 year-old woman when a police 'live role-playing enactment' of a 'fire/no fire'  situation went amiss. The woman was one of two participants who volunteered to act out parts in a "Citizens Academy" demonstration.  The police officer who made 'a mistake'  (by bringing a loaded gun to a 'dramatic recreation' do ya think?) and fired the shot that killed her, is now suffering 'emotional stress' and is off work on administrative leave.  It goes beyond a mere loaded gun. What part of drawing it, pointing it at a civilian and pulling the trigger was deemed to be 'smart', or even 'better helping citizens to understand why police fire their weapons'? Was she threatening life and property? Was she holding a jihadi car bomb or beheadment sword?

I would imagine the other participating citizens, and police officers, might be feeling a little stressed too.  Not to mention the mayor, the city 'fathers' and the municipal legal team. One could only wonder how her family is taking the 'accident'.  I have a pretty good idea what the story might do to that Italian Grandmother.

Punta Gorda Citizens' Academy