Saturday, July 07, 2018

Funny what happens when you don't Blog.

I've been twittering a lot more lately and it has affected my blogging. Reading and commenting 134 characters at a time seems to have taken the edge off any need to vent at greater length.   It has been well over a month since my last one and by golly, given the news to-day,  nothing has really changed.

Syria's still going on, looking better for Assad day-to-day - but that was already happening. The US is still in-country but talking about pulling out, On the other hand the French are there  now, Italians too, 'supporting' the SDF Kurds in the north. They're not talking about leaving.

In similar fashion the Germans have deployed to the Sahara,  along with Canadians. The US and French have 'special forces' fighting with the anti-rebel coalition in Yemen. EVERYBODY (The Brits, the Aussies, the Croats and EUkrainians)  looks like they're 'piling back onto' the Afghan rabbit in the hope that eighth time's lucky and the big win's in the cards.

Trump  is still trying to slough-off charges that he's a dupe of the Kremlin but he's got a meeting with Putin on deck - an opportunity to call the pot black and see if he can't make a deal for the Russians to 'back off' in EUkrainia or ,at least, support Jared's plan for 'peace in Palestine',  in return for a 'free hand' he's already got in Syria.  If it's anything like the 'breakthru' deal with the Norks , it's not worth the airtime expended on it. Pompeo was very recently disappointed in meetings with the Rocket-man peeps - he  shone a positive light on it but he didn't get the concessions he wanted and the Norks called the meetings "regrettable".

Brexit looms closer than ever but, once again, thinking about that has been derailed by another 'Novichok' attack. This one involving what have been called by relatives "a pair of lost souls" and long tome drug users. Why the Russians would want to target them is unknown.Save it to say that apparently THEY have smeared a non-toxic form of the deadly substance in places all around Britain - like parks where somebody could inadvertently become 'affected' by it.. The Russians are now targeting everybody in England not just former spies and traitors. The Euros are saying, unless the Brits get their exit act together,  that hard one they're angling for  is going to hurt more than Trump's tariffs. Lots more.

It could have something to do with bringing Putin down a peg or two after what is looking like one of the best FIFA World Cup venues to have happened in a score of years but the niggling of the Russians  goes on. In Britain and, surprisingly, in the USA.  While the US hasn't ever had a World Cup and barely has a international-calibre team, they aren't shy about grousing that Sochi,  the venue for the finals is the site of 'Russia's shame'. They're saying they 'hope' they don't find out that the Russians have doped their soccer squad  and 'fixed' the Cup. But that might take another couple of defected Russian 'pensioners' -  like the other scandal did. No proof of those charges was ever offered.  Not even the hint of a denial of human rights -  even to idiot Englishmen.  the US is complaining after the Russians leaned on a couple of their anti-government media sources in Russia, fining Radio Free Europe $3 000.

Oh by the way. Russia was knocked-out of Cup competition to-day,  by Croatia. I guess they couldn't fix that  World championship.

The Trumpest

Big Donnie finds himself in the midst of a tempest he thought was going to go away. With the subpoena of the Trump Organization's files on their 'work' with Russia - dating back a couple of decades - the gloves could, at long last, be coming off. A new 'exposee' on the subject is claiming that Trump's dealings with 'important' Russian figures dates back to the 80's The books claim that it was through this relationship that Trump was 'informed' of Russian intentions to help him get elected after he had privately informed the Russians of his intention to run. The hacking of the DNC computers and other 'secret intel' on the Clinton's was part of that assistance.

While the Chief inquisitor waits to see how Trump defines the word 'subpeona' - for he could use his office to interfere with the material provided - US domestic politics will remain  'tittering' on the points of Trump's peccadilloes. As in other such investigations Trump could, possibly and like so many others investigated,  end-up facing completely unrelated criminal charges arising from discoveries from the investigatory process. Such things have come to light, particularly to 'encourage' testimony from recalcitrant or forgetful  witnesses - such as Paul Manafort.

Manafort's non-arrest home - "Tampa-ing with witnesses"

We won't even talk about Stormy Daniels and her 'case' which is taking on some unique 'evolutions'.  Tat muck is stuck on the wheels of the Presidential golf cart.  Whether Trump likes it or not, the story IS well and truly out - all that is missing is any detail Stormy might add that would enhance or detract from the President's prodigious, or not,  appetite for the exotic. The aforementioned book, while not exploring the 'salacious side' of Trump in Russia, does touch in Trump in Russia and that, if he played that true to form,  there would be some Russian 'Stormies' and their KGB/FSB  'handlers' who watch for,  and record,  'important' foreigners doing that kind of thing.

So what is to be done?

This where things get interesting for Trump has the power to do a lot. Not much of it however, domestically.

When Presidents, like Obama, Clinton, or LBJ, all the way back to James Polk needed the spotlight off themselves, they find an 'enemy' and start a 'diversionary' war. Looking around the world to-day Trump has more opportunities than any of his predecessors. He could 'do' Syria, or North Korea or Venezuela, or Yemen, or even Ukraine. Every one of them present America with the opportunity to exercise its 'righteous' military power to 'save' something, or right some already-advertised wrongs.

Syria would be the most obvious, at present - as a NATO article 3 event occurred, yesterday, when Syrian Army shelled a Turkish unit near Afrin. Overlooking the facts that Turkey bombed a Syrian Army post first and that, technically, Turkey is engaged in an unsanctioned invasion of Syria at the present time, a similar sort of 'case' to the 'Russians gassing their spies' scenario could be trotted-out for the US to 'back'. Ms Haley literally reserved America's 'right' to do that  that,  at the UN, just recently. A sustained air bombardment of, first, Syrian positions around Afrin - extending to some 'warning raids ' on Damascus might be just what Dr.Trump needs to 'cure' himself of the pesky 'diagnosticians'. Especially if he won.

 He could WIN something by pulling-out of Korea.  Particularly if he could conclude a non-aggression pact and peace treaty to bring to the UN for ratification. That might also win him  the kind of 'Nobel' his predecessor most certainly didn't deserve. But he needs tome time to do that,  so a short, sharp victorious war is a necessity. There is no guarantee that Assad would roll over, or that Israel would assist more than by occupying what's left of the Golan heights in Syrian possession. Israeli involvement might just unite the Moslems and change the Turks and Kurds from friends and allies into head chopping Jihadists who don't like America. They all don't like the Jews - that affects the Saudis as well. . Netanyahu however, is in the same boat as Trump - domestic trouble-wise.

So short and sharp would have to be somewhere else. Venezuela or an island, somewhere warm. That too would take an uptick in the kinds of activities that lead to public disorder requiring US intervention. Nothing is currently on the public horizon. Something could be 'produced' or 'managed'  but would the dark statists 'do it' for Trump? Apparently Donald was asking about a Venezuelan invasion earlier in the Spring. Go figure.

Ukraine would. As they might well have done at the recent Olympics (reputedly spiking Russians'  food with detectable dope) and, more recently,  in England with 'something' more deadly,  if less effective.

In the meantime the winds of change will blow, the seas of tribulation will rise, the Tempest abateth naught!

Bruce the Ripper

Torontonians are regaling themselves,  in shocked awe, that a 'serial' killer has been walking among them - possibly since he 'got off the bus' from Bobcaygeon, or some 'ville' in the Kiwarthas, a decade or so ago. All the while he was thought to be a mild-mannered landscaper but, if court records are to be believed,  he was known to be violently abusive to gay hookers and, it turns out, is now accused of terminating a number of gay men with extreme prejudice.

 But while the original ripper eviscerated his 6 or 7 victims, displayed them to 'send-up' police and was never caught. Our guy turned the dead into 'flower arrangements'  and wound-up getting caught - we'll have to find out how. Whether it was a lucky happenstance that nailed him,  or the super- sleuthing of the second 'finest public protection and service agency on erth',  is a saga page yet to be illustrated..

This story was started months ago but the saga continues.

A sober note at this years sexidexteroius celebrations was some group mourning for the dearly-departed - if anybody in the community really knew knew or cared.  While there may be somebody who does really know somebody and might even have cared about them, the gay community is one of those places where strangers rally do just pass in the night and that may be what makes it so easy for them to go poof, with little notice or noticing. They're the same class of folks police investigation-wise and Pictons'  multiple hookers.

Only yesterday another police investigation has been launched to excavate a gully behind accused killer  's home after cadaver dogs marked the possibility of human remains being there. Police are thinking as many as 6 more victims might be interred there.

More remains found

In the interim the killer has been arraigned. The star's ace 'reportress' Rosie was on hand to stare down into his soul looking for the depravity that only she could decipher for us. The Star's ace courtroom artist was there,  as well,  seeing the diabolical masque behind the plebeian potato-latke features of a shop-worn Santa Claus.