Monday, December 16, 2013


I've built up a backlog of things to write about - my number two favorite p'leece force, again;  the Iranian stuff, the Syrians, Harper Inc, Afghanistan, books, movies, etc, but I'm no writer,  or not a disciplined one at any rate, so the notion of writing every day is something I've never considered. The muse comes on me in fits and starts. I'll have a fit to-day. We'll see what's  up tomorrow.


 Rosie DiManno somebody I admire as a writer, but have detested as a 'girl writer' - she's well past the Bunty stage - has written an excellent piece about  Lord Bilgewater - his eminance Conrad  ' Daddy Warbucks' Black, on the occasion of a fluff job he did recently on Moses Znaimer's edumedia channel with Toronto's 'fat f*ck' the Mare. As she relates in her story, about meeting 'the man' for the first time, she remarked to him, "You sued me." I'm pretty sure he's in council with his counsellors again to-day. Rosie didn't have much  nice to say about his  grace.

                                                               'His Nibs' the Archbishop

                                                            His wereship the Mare

The incident that gave rise to all this was Conrad's 'cutting edge' visitation program on which he entertains newsworthy characters. The character on this occasion being  'his nubs', the defrocked mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. Robbie went through his tale of  'whoa!' and his lordship mollycoddled his revealed peckerdilloes and the consequent apologies and promises to improve. Then they broached a topic dear to both their little hearts,  about how the media, left to its own devices, could be positively vindictive and unfair. That led his mareship to be somewhat vindictive and unfair  as he related a sad tale of being 'harrassed' across, as he claimed, his very own backyard fence. His nibs didn't bite with any advice about having the back fence 1/2 mile away from the house as he has been forced to do but he did commiserate and, with furrowed brow, took to heart the  Mayor's charge that photos taken of innocent toddlers (his) were involved.

 This tale has been well-told in the media as it was claimed threats were uttered, a cell phone was dropped and the police investigated a Star Reporter taking pictures of vacant public property of which the mayor was an interested prospective buyer. There were, at that time, no charges laid against  either the "trespassing" reporter or the incensed  'daddy bear'.  No  photographs that might have supported the Mayor's charges were recovered. Perhaps he was foolish, or mad enough, to have deleted them. Perhaps he was 'blasted' and not seeing straight. That incident now, is purely figmental in nature. The comment about  taking kiddie pictures and 'causing folk to wonder about the reporter', however, is the stuff of slander.

Unsurprisingly, two days after airing, in the absence of any apology, the Mayor was handed a lawsuit.

Since then Lord Connie's skills as an interviewer have been called into question . He is pleading ignorance of the Mayor's backyard brou-haha and how was he to know that there was no kiddi-diddling involved? He claimed he took the mayor, who has a  sterling reputation for apologizing when  caught in a lie, on his bona-fides if not his gallantry of the first water. People are wondering if the 'scholarly' Lord Connie had been read anything at all on his subject, before the show. Although no stranger to the slander case, he certainly doesn't seem know it when he hears it. Maybe he hears such 'nonsense' at home, every day.

Rosie laid all this out -  chapter and verse, she acknowledged her sources and detailed her instances. She's obviously done her research. And, barring a lawsuit from lady Black in re her possible surgical enhancements or choice of literary footwear, she was  kind to the Belle Dame. Other than a konterblast,  Lord Connie probably doesn't have a legal leg to stand upon and the Star's pockets are no doubt as deep as Mr Znaimer's.

Watch for Blackie's  show to be cut from the Vision TV  lineup. Everything the mayor touches turns to Sh1T.

"Rob Ford's TV Show Canceled After One Episode, Because Duh"  (HuffPo -11/20/2013)