Monday, November 04, 2013

Wir fahren gegen nach Damaskus (nichts!)

Well now we all know that the last blog was in vain.

Somebody was wise enough to know that waving the big stick around would bring the malefactor to heel. So when John Kerry slipped and said he wouldn't bomb Syrian, for the sake of the kids, if Bashir would divest himself of his phosgene and sarin collection, he must have been surprised when Assad took him up on it.  Diplomacy sure took a left turn! That was indicated by the bully chorus of, "Seems them threats  of mass scalpin' worked!" - when threats hadn't worked, with all  that consequential warfighting, up until then.

Since that, the UN got busy and dismantled the equipment needed for loading ammunition with such stuff - a process  slightly more complicated than ladling  it into a shell and screwing down a bursting charge. That singular  action left Assad with no real means of producing ammunition or attacking other than dropping drums full of precursor chemicals, and what preloaded ammo he has, on the enemy. In short, his chemical weapons are pretty well as safe as they're going to get. Which is only slightly less safe than all the chemical weapons awaiting destruction in the USA.

A funny  little eventuation occurred when somebody blabbed that the Norwegians had 'volunteered' to take all Assad's  chemical  junk for destruction. The Norwegians replied with a heartfelt, "Fu*k off."

And that matter was quietly dropped by the greatest force for good on earth.

In a  late move the 'Bomb Syria Club' are calling for a 'robust response' to Syria's wanting to keep a couple of chemical factories. All of a sudden the  WMD  folk decided they can't be trusted to make their own cleaning fluids and should be buying them from the more 'responsible' people who can. Like  Iran and radioactivity, there are some on earth who shouldn't be trusted. Not to mention any untrustworthy types who already have WMDs and radioactivity, or both. The 'eevul' has to be stopped somewhere, sometime.

And the funeral waltz continues, unabated, in Syria.