Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From this Day Forward

Trump may be 'on the job', but it's going to take America 4 years to get used to him.

While Washington and its media bathe in concentrated applied stupidity, the rest of the world continues down the road to heck in a handcart.
To wit -

 A double reminder of the threat that is Iran and the good guys in EUkrainia guarding the parapets of probity and western civilization. Remember how the Ukes didn't sell Chinese-made AA missiles to ISIS?  Well they defintely weren't trying to sell anti-tank rocket parts to Iran.  That was the Russians. Thank goodness they couldn't ship the stuff direct.

Caught ya, vlad!

The Italians are dealing with a snow catastrophe  and  Charlie Hebdo is 'taking the mickey' out of them. Meanwhile somebody rescued adorable puppies from the destroyed hotel.  'Where there are puppies, there is 'opa.'

Awww! How cute is this? 

Charlie, is nothing sacred?

Meanwhile in the heart of all that's good and holy, some tempests in the pisspot: first somebody's lying about the Inauguration crowd.  But who really cares, besides  some female stars of superhero movies, Madge the Vadge.and more than 4 million women world-wide?   Oh and the Trump White House and the liberal press - well - the Conservatives too.

Lying Liars who Lie

And Madge - the spokeswoman for all who Rock and Roll - is on the carpet for telling a million dames  she's often thought of blowing-up the White House. Sure she was "only fucking joking", but like, does she think America's as normal as she is?

The Pussy that Roared

Meanwhile Africa does 'Africa' as well as Africa often does. The quaint little western African enclave of  Gambia - which hasn't been on the front page since it was trans-shipping slaves, had an election recently. Apparently the Prime Minister, or President-for-life, was voted out of office.  Rather than appear at the inauguration of the new guy, like civilized folk,  he threatened to call out the army and defend himself.   The neighborhood was up in arms, literally, about that. the former colonial powers sent some gunboats and Marines to cruise off-shore. But the 'boss' (his Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammah) saw sense and jetted-off to refuge  neighboringEquatorial Guinea.

Not before taking a planeful of expensive automobiles, and household furnishings with him - or reputedly some $10 million in pocket cash.  He left enough 'belongings' behind to fill another three aircraft. It is questionable that these will be forwarded to him.

How much can you swipe, swiper?

And last but not least to-day and interesting but somewhat sad bit from Ireland.

Faith an begorrah. May she rest in peace.

Monday, January 16, 2017

From a Horse's Mouth

This guy is surprisingly cogent. He must have had some 'escape and evade' training  from some really smart guys.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Every Time it Rains, it Rains Ducats from Hevin.

Just as Simon Ostrovsky, the late lamented Ukrainian freedumb pundit, once remarked at seeing a gang of Chetniks manning a roadblock in Crimea, "You can't make this stuff up." That wasn't half so weird as what's all over America's mediawaves to-day.

                                                              The Wizard of Aws  

 The US Security Agencies in their 'omnibus' report on the state of cyber-America apparently inserted a 35 page report on what they consider 'the smoky gun' that Vlad Putin might be pointing at President  Don's orange dome: Sex and preversion "on tape" and ready to hit Porn Hamster.

                                                Donald doing a Beauty Contest Deal

The story is that Trump was in Russia in 2013, doing a beauty contest deal, when he heard that the Obamas had recently stayed in the same hotel in Moscow. He asked for and was accommodated in the 'presidential suite'. At some point he started to think that 'defiling' the bed in which the Presidential couple had slept, was a real good idea.   And so, for that express purpose, he is reputed to have hired three Moscow 'demimondaines' who were to 'pee' on the bed - one of those hotelroom 'ho-horrors' they tell us all about - while he watched.  Apparently there were happy endings all round. The girls never complained about being stiffed on the tab,  or sold their stories about a special 'wet-job' for somebody who looked like a well-tailored Ronald MacDonald.   (He wouldn't have mentioned why they were taking a leak on that bed, would he?  He's so secretive and all.)  For whatever reason they've kept professionally mum.   According to the saga, Don got off and the bed got wet.

                                This gal peed her pants on a bed. Imagine three high-class hos
                                        - nekkid and not having accidents or sun glasses.

No doubt the English 'James Bond - secret agent'  who gathered this intel  (and is in hiding in danger of a Cheka hit squad - now that he's been 'outed'.  (Didn't Snowden do that crap - endangering people etc))   found out about that.  He also found out that Trump was, apparently, unaware that Russian intelligence had his room number and recorded the proceedings  - in case he should ever wind-up needing to 'do Russia a solid'.  Now he is, potentially, in that 'happy place'.  So he needs to know, eh?  Apparently, so does America.

Makes one wonder that,  if  the Russians thought Trump defiling a bed was worth recording, why didn't the have dolby and HD recording the President and Mrs O 'sanctifying' it?  Or not.   Either might have been informative intel.

                                                                Sanctifyin' a bed.

But, come on, 'Trump's golden shower' isn't news  - balling a golden retriever  maybe, only if it was male and he had a Mexican midget remove its teeth with a monkey wrench first.  Americans would watch Trump once -  have a laff and go get another frosty while something 'stimulating' loaded-up. Like how many people ever saw Hulk Hogan winning his million dollar defamation suit?  Or Gene Simmons ( I'm true to Shannon in my heart, folks. Believe me.) chewing gum and wearing his cowboy boots in action with a hyper-inflated nymphette?  And those two were really famous. 

Whether this report was a part of the one Trump said he would 'take under advisement' last Friday, or a second, separate, highly-sensitive one, exposed only to the two Presidents by  the NS chief Clapper - and reminiscent of a J. Edgar Hoover visit to the WH -  it somehow 'leaked out' to a rag site called 'BuzzFeed' -  probably a subsidiary of 'Crowd Strike' -  the other 'corporate player' involved.

                                                      One of the BIG 3? Buzzfeed? No!

Clapper is 'regretting' the leak. So either Donald did it on himself for the publicity, or Obama did it.

Obama's probably too shocked for comment,  by the revelation that anybody would pee on, or have ho's in,  a 'presidential bed'  - being as they're all 'iconic' at any number of American hostelries.

                                                               The Cast of 'Capers'

I wonder if US national security ever looked into the as-yet-unfounded, and no-longer-important,  allegations that some of the 12 flights he took on Jeffery Epstein's  'fun airlines' , or the visits he made to the convicted pedophile's 'fantasy island', might not actually have involved Willie Jeff Clinton - besporting himself with the multimillionaire's  underaged 'handmaidens'?  Epstein was convicted, in a real case, on the real  evidence of a then 13-year-old, who also claimed to have been 'serviced' by a number of 'his elite friends'. That story stopped - as if by magick .....  or voodoo - something else with which Putin's 'lies' smeared the Clintons. 

America is a soul sick land. Perhaps a nuclear holocaust is just what is needed. God said the 'next time' wouldn't be a flood  - or a wetting of the bed.

1000 Days of War

It is coming up to 1000 days of war Ukraine.

The struggle seems as intractable as ever, seen by the Ukrainian side, and most of the 'civilized'  west, as a 'Russian aggression' - a defense of freedom, civilization and Europe from the potential of Russian threat and aggrandizement.

From the other side it appears somewhat less complex - some apparently very foolish people resisting 'goodness' for reasons only known to themselves. For if Putin's 'Red hordes' were involved, the propaganda would be in overdrive,  wouldn't it? Or it would be even more secret than how he hacked an election.

 I relay Graham Phillips photographic tribute to what war really looks like in Eastern Ukraine. CAUTION: He shows war as it, sickeningly, can be. Propaganda it ain't.

Far less graphic and more heroic, a view from the other side.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

It's Probably Just as Well We Didn't Know.

As your Mom probably said, "What you don't know won't hurt you.'  Not only did that mouthful came from a simpler time, it also probably indicated her degree of familiarity with the legal system - in which ignorance of the law remains no excuse.

But it wasn't what we didn't know that apparently 'hurt' us, or somebody,  the most last year, it was the bullshit we did know - that led to the time being called being called "the year of false news". It was so bad that a fiat of Congress, working in rare syncopation with the outgoing 'prexy', led to it now being 'illegal',  in America,  to initiate or to publish 'news' that is known to be untrue.  Such a law might stop the 'funsters' at 'The Onion' or 'Charlie Hebdo' or 'The National Enquirer' , but it gets that black eyed 'ex-admiral' who 'does' the WH press  briefings off the hook.  For he knows squat about anything he's lying, or not, about. Frankly, Martha, like the other 'faux' tales - like the gallant rebels fighting-off a genocide in Aleppo, or the Russians hacking the hell out of all that's good and decent left in America - the BS wasn't even mildly entertaining.

 But what it did do was cause the mainstream media to have to 'cut' some other stories that truly might have annoyed the sheeple.

One of the biggies this year were stories casting our friends and allies in less-than-complimentary light. Not the standard Afghan or Iraqi allies, constantly 'on the take' and doing their darnedest not to adopt good old American values, no siree. This time the lamp of ill-light fell upon our friends in Saudia Arabia, and Kyiv and even Manila.

The Saudis started 'buying the biscuit' when they tried to quash a court case against them for damages arising out of the 'Nine-Eleven'. While we know that the Iranians have been 'buttoned' by the courts as holding some fiscal responsibility for setting things aright, the notion that the nation that spawned 11 of the 14 hijackers and the organization to which they pledged allegiance, should walk away unencumbered was a long time being set-aside. But it did. and spite all the diplomacy a few hefty donations could buy,  the court ruled that the suit could move ahead. No doubt while the 'shriners' prepare their defense, the legal team is playing a game of 'all pile on the A-rab' - class action suit wise.  This should be a doozie - for a number of reasons.

Kyiv is another major source of horsepellets. To read of it Putin is attacking them daily - killing them by the tens while an uncaring world sends neither the money, nor more lethal weapons.  Every so often that neo-nazi 'right sector' they claim to be 'harmless',  takes to the streets demanding Maidanic change, war a l'outrance with 'the russians' and, last week, a removal of the Jews ( 'Sieg heil! Get out of my homeland!").  Meanwhile the economic basket case of  EUropa is losing its basket.  But that's all Putin's fault, too.

While were at it,  we should mention another under-reported weeping ulcer in Libya where the 'rebel' forces we 'put down'  just recently by deploying the Marines and US naval aviation to 'assist' our pal General Haidar, had the affrontery to send a jet to shoot up one of his 'arms runs',  just yesterday.  The fat Lady can't even find the Syrian theatre.  We'll be reading more about her, there .. or not.

One of the stories that isn't being told about Syria is the notable lack of 'getting even' being done by Assad's victorious forces.  He even allowed the UN to organize buses to run the fleeing rebels, with their small arms, and, it is reported, some of their hostages and possibly even western military advisors,  off to  the nearest rebel strongholds. Very few of them have been abused, let alone summarily executed. But we were told anyway that it was a "genocide"! That was just a lie.

The white helmets disappeared as if they never existed, maybe they were just more cinematography.

Yemen gets the odd mention, which is truly odd.

 The Philippines seems to be 'spinning out of control' in the hands of a 'mad' despot who probably stole his election, too, and who doesn't seem to have much interest in inviting the US navy to face off against China over 'Philippine waters',  or asking the Marines to teach them how to kill 'terror'. We won't hear much before the assassination.

Central West Africa is another cesspit being 'orchestrated' by Africom - another fine division of the 'greatest farce for good on erth' - and that's why we don't hear much about it, either. Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Congo - all 'caca holes' - but no news is the best kind.

So while we haven't had much to worry about this past year, having a Trump at the helm promises to have the media working overtime to debunk his 'hooey' and edjumacate America to his pearls. Her isn't even the real President, see? Her's locked up in her study, planning a minyin wummins' march on Washington.

The 'commies' have a couple of interesting takes on other untold stories too.

Sputnik Dishes

Instead they give us 'massive responses' to just plain stupid.

Ft. Lauderdale

We're in safe hands with these bozos.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The US Election - nausea edition

Lordy, lordy it's half of fordy!   Only a couple of weeks left in the Obama ruptured duckery and then , once again, America can be the land that Israel ordained it to be.   Don Trump's inaugural barge will leave the power people of  Pluto, Florida -  those who attended at the 'emprah's new year's ball' and soiree for $180 bucks a pop - and the "White House South" - 'Mar-a-Lago', (trans: 'Bad of the last', or 'the worst' in Neapolitano) and steam up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hilaria's Take on the New Year's disgrace

Meanwhile up north, the Russians looked like they were running some sort of Exodus, for  a plague of sanctions descended from the WH on some specific Russians for what the US government think they know, or think they were told, Putin's hackers had done to 'Democrazy'.  Not enough to have an election rescinded, obviously, but enough to make somebody - particularly a Hillary supporter,  think that, if whatever it was hadn't happened, Hilary might have attracted more black non-voters and increased her popular vote figures - the ones that say, "I won!"  In a late development, to bring that message of fear closer to the minds of Americans , a government source used a clip from a popular video game (where hackers gather info to help them open safes)  to illustrate the existing danger.

Getting serious about hacking 

But back to the Russians.

The US State Department issued marching orders for a number of Russian diplomatic staff to cease, desist and remove themselves, before midnight, from the magical kingdom - for 'espionage'.  The numbers included  the chef at a legation in California and what might be described as a 'coven' of Russky Christadelphians, or an  Amway team, or Scientificisicians living in a  'group retreat center' on Long Island .  I guess they'll be taking their higher power home to mind-meld with Vlad.

Among others sanctioned, were the head, deputy head and a few other high-ranking members of the Russian security apparatus (no Disney trips for those birds).  Surprisingly,  a young female Russian is complaining, to-day, that she and her security company - she has actually won a few EU rewards for finding hacking activities - have been arbitrarily accused of 'helping' Russian state security find out what John Podesta had in his inbox - or that Hilary's friends didn't want Bernie Sanders doing more than flailing before 'the goddess'.

Actually I think it's likely that her business might be competition for 'CrowdStrike', the US anti-hacking, now multi-million dollar 'corporation' that is US state security's sole, apparently,  font of wisdom. The Russian boss of that operation probably offered a merger - between the two they could have 3/4 of the globe 'covered'. But she wouldn't bite his bag and so he's getting his pals to do him a solid.  If she's smart,  we'll hear that they're 'dating'.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy Birthday Mohammed! Your party's a Blast!

December 12 is the birthday of the Prophet. And something seems to have been happening.

 While there is a split among Muslims on the celebration of the date - some Muslims, Wahabis for instance don't celebrate it  because it isn't recorded that Mohammed did and they accuse those who do of 'emulating the kaffirs', who celebrate Christmas at the same time of the year. There are other Moslems who do celebrate the day as the joyous occasion when the origin of their world view and their 'salvation', the last Prophet of God, appeared on earth. Other aspects of Mohammed's life are celebrated, as indeed is most of what he said or did;  that, all, is recorded in the traditions of the Hadith and Sunnah - other sources, or guides, to understanding the Koran.

But for something that  isn't 'celebrated' the 'nativity' season got started with a bang and has proceeded with a string of  'Muslim-inspired (or blamed)  outrages'.  Since the 12th there have been a spate of incidents across Europe, Africa and Asia with ISIS, or other radical Islamic groups readily taking 'credit' through the action of an acolyte  - as if, if they didn't claim credit, we wouldn't give it to them anyway. Along with the spate of actual attacks there has been a related rise in the reports of a number of plots detected and threats eliminated - the reason we maintain those national security apparati -  to 'prevent' such attacks.

What should be interesting to us all is that the 'outrages' seem to be spreading.  Turkey, which has for years been deemed 'safe enough' to develop a burgeoning Eurotourism industry, is feeling the effects of a mass withdrawal of the western  Europeans. The hardy souls from Russia who were maintaining their share may be less likely to show up since the targeting of the Russian ambassador by a 'radicalized' Turkish cop, and a refocusing of some dissident attacks on tourism centres.  Egypt has been hamstrung in much the same way, as have the former haunts along the north African coast. A Canadian tourist was recently killed in Jordan, and her son injured, in an apparent 'terrorist' strike (or family feud with local police).  The chances of being blown, or shot up on 'hols' is increasingly daunting to all but the most reprobate sex tourist, power-drinker or Speedo idiot.

The latest form of mass killing seems to draw a page from Palestinian history, where heavy equipment or motor vehicles have been used to run people down. The latest event - disgruntled Tunisian driving a semi-rig through a Christmas Market in Berlin - attracted some attention; particularly after the accused suspect then traveled fairly freely through western Europe, with no ID (he had carelessly left that in the truck cab) before coming to eternal rest in a gunfight with Italian police in Milan. 

Not to be ignored,  'religion', too, remains under attack at the 'joyous season' : Christmas celebrations in newly-liberated (newly-subjugated?) Aleppo were targeted and Christians across Africa and western Asia were definitely threatened, if not  'under attack',  in Central Africa, Chad, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Egypt. A 'Christmas tree lighting' in eastern Ukraine was, reportedly, shelled.

Just after the stroke of midnight on the last day of 2016, Istanbul time,  two (reportedly) gunmen opened-up on a crowd celebrating in a nightclub  - 25 dead last count and manhunt underway.

The western holiday season wraps up at New Year, but a distaff, and no less troubled side, will continue into January   The 'fun' in celebration of the Prophet,  may not be finished yet.

Happy freakin' New Year!