Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From this Day Forward

Trump may be 'on the job', but it's going to take America 4 years to get used to him.

While Washington and its media bathe in concentrated applied stupidity, the rest of the world continues down the road to heck in a handcart.
To wit -

 A double reminder of the threat that is Iran and the good guys in EUkrainia guarding the parapets of probity and western civilization. Remember how the Ukes didn't sell Chinese-made AA missiles to ISIS?  Well they defintely weren't trying to sell anti-tank rocket parts to Iran.  That was the Russians. Thank goodness they couldn't ship the stuff direct.

Caught ya, vlad!

The Italians are dealing with a snow catastrophe  and  Charlie Hebdo is 'taking the mickey' out of them. Meanwhile somebody rescued adorable puppies from the destroyed hotel.  'Where there are puppies, there is 'opa.'

Awww! How cute is this? 

Charlie, is nothing sacred?

Meanwhile in the heart of all that's good and holy, some tempests in the pisspot: first somebody's lying about the Inauguration crowd.  But who really cares, besides  some female stars of superhero movies, Madge the Vadge.and more than 4 million women world-wide?   Oh and the Trump White House and the liberal press - well - the Conservatives too.

Lying Liars who Lie

And Madge - the spokeswoman for all who Rock and Roll - is on the carpet for telling a million dames  she's often thought of blowing-up the White House. Sure she was "only fucking joking", but like, does she think America's as normal as she is?

The Pussy that Roared

Meanwhile Africa does 'Africa' as well as Africa often does. The quaint little western African enclave of  Gambia - which hasn't been on the front page since it was trans-shipping slaves, had an election recently. Apparently the Prime Minister, or President-for-life, was voted out of office.  Rather than appear at the inauguration of the new guy, like civilized folk,  he threatened to call out the army and defend himself.   The neighborhood was up in arms, literally, about that. the former colonial powers sent some gunboats and Marines to cruise off-shore. But the 'boss' (his Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammah) saw sense and jetted-off to refuge  neighboringEquatorial Guinea.

Not before taking a planeful of expensive automobiles, and household furnishings with him - or reputedly some $10 million in pocket cash.  He left enough 'belongings' behind to fill another three aircraft. It is questionable that these will be forwarded to him.

How much can you swipe, swiper?

And last but not least to-day and interesting but somewhat sad bit from Ireland.

Faith an begorrah. May she rest in peace.

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