Thursday, January 12, 2017

Every Time it Rains, it Rains Ducats from Hevin.

Just as Simon Ostrovsky, the late lamented Ukrainian freedumb pundit, once remarked at seeing a gang of Chetniks manning a roadblock in Crimea, "You can't make this stuff up." That wasn't half so weird as what's all over America's mediawaves to-day.

                                                              The Wizard of Aws  

 The US Security Agencies in their 'omnibus' report on the state of cyber-America apparently inserted a 35 page report on what they consider 'the smoky gun' that Vlad Putin might be pointing at President  Don's orange dome: Sex and preversion "on tape" and ready to hit Porn Hamster.

                                                Donald doing a Beauty Contest Deal

The story is that Trump was in Russia in 2013, doing a beauty contest deal, when he heard that the Obamas had recently stayed in the same hotel in Moscow. He asked for and was accommodated in the 'presidential suite'. At some point he started to think that 'defiling' the bed in which the Presidential couple had slept, was a real good idea.   And so, for that express purpose, he is reputed to have hired three Moscow 'demimondaines' who were to 'pee' on the bed - one of those hotelroom 'ho-horrors' they tell us all about - while he watched.  Apparently there were happy endings all round. The girls never complained about being stiffed on the tab,  or sold their stories about a special 'wet-job' for somebody who looked like a well-tailored Ronald MacDonald.   (He wouldn't have mentioned why they were taking a leak on that bed, would he?  He's so secretive and all.)  For whatever reason they've kept professionally mum.   According to the saga, Don got off and the bed got wet.

                                This gal peed her pants on a bed. Imagine three high-class hos
                                        - nekkid and not having accidents or sun glasses.

No doubt the English 'James Bond - secret agent'  who gathered this intel  (and is in hiding in danger of a Cheka hit squad - now that he's been 'outed'.  (Didn't Snowden do that crap - endangering people etc))   found out about that.  He also found out that Trump was, apparently, unaware that Russian intelligence had his room number and recorded the proceedings  - in case he should ever wind-up needing to 'do Russia a solid'.  Now he is, potentially, in that 'happy place'.  So he needs to know, eh?  Apparently, so does America.

Makes one wonder that,  if  the Russians thought Trump defiling a bed was worth recording, why didn't the have dolby and HD recording the President and Mrs O 'sanctifying' it?  Or not.   Either might have been informative intel.

                                                                Sanctifyin' a bed.

But, come on, 'Trump's golden shower' isn't news  - balling a golden retriever  maybe, only if it was male and he had a Mexican midget remove its teeth with a monkey wrench first.  Americans would watch Trump once -  have a laff and go get another frosty while something 'stimulating' loaded-up. Like how many people ever saw Hulk Hogan winning his million dollar defamation suit?  Or Gene Simmons ( I'm true to Shannon in my heart, folks. Believe me.) chewing gum and wearing his cowboy boots in action with a hyper-inflated nymphette?  And those two were really famous. 

Whether this report was a part of the one Trump said he would 'take under advisement' last Friday, or a second, separate, highly-sensitive one, exposed only to the two Presidents by  the NS chief Clapper - and reminiscent of a J. Edgar Hoover visit to the WH -  it somehow 'leaked out' to a rag site called 'BuzzFeed' -  probably a subsidiary of 'Crowd Strike' -  the other 'corporate player' involved.

                                                      One of the BIG 3? Buzzfeed? No!

Clapper is 'regretting' the leak. So either Donald did it on himself for the publicity, or Obama did it.

Obama's probably too shocked for comment,  by the revelation that anybody would pee on, or have ho's in,  a 'presidential bed'  - being as they're all 'iconic' at any number of American hostelries.

                                                               The Cast of 'Capers'

I wonder if US national security ever looked into the as-yet-unfounded, and no-longer-important,  allegations that some of the 12 flights he took on Jeffery Epstein's  'fun airlines' , or the visits he made to the convicted pedophile's 'fantasy island', might not actually have involved Willie Jeff Clinton - besporting himself with the multimillionaire's  underaged 'handmaidens'?  Epstein was convicted, in a real case, on the real  evidence of a then 13-year-old, who also claimed to have been 'serviced' by a number of 'his elite friends'. That story stopped - as if by magick .....  or voodoo - something else with which Putin's 'lies' smeared the Clintons. 

America is a soul sick land. Perhaps a nuclear holocaust is just what is needed. God said the 'next time' wouldn't be a flood  - or a wetting of the bed.

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