Saturday, January 07, 2017

It's Probably Just as Well We Didn't Know.

As your Mom probably said, "What you don't know won't hurt you.'  Not only did that mouthful came from a simpler time, it also probably indicated her degree of familiarity with the legal system - in which ignorance of the law remains no excuse.

But it wasn't what we didn't know that apparently 'hurt' us, or somebody,  the most last year, it was the bullshit we did know - that led to the time being called being called "the year of false news". It was so bad that a fiat of Congress, working in rare syncopation with the outgoing 'prexy', led to it now being 'illegal',  in America,  to initiate or to publish 'news' that is known to be untrue.  Such a law might stop the 'funsters' at 'The Onion' or 'Charlie Hebdo' or 'The National Enquirer' , but it gets that black eyed 'ex-admiral' who 'does' the WH press  briefings off the hook.  For he knows squat about anything he's lying, or not, about. Frankly, Martha, like the other 'faux' tales - like the gallant rebels fighting-off a genocide in Aleppo, or the Russians hacking the hell out of all that's good and decent left in America - the BS wasn't even mildly entertaining.

 But what it did do was cause the mainstream media to have to 'cut' some other stories that truly might have annoyed the sheeple.

One of the biggies this year were stories casting our friends and allies in less-than-complimentary light. Not the standard Afghan or Iraqi allies, constantly 'on the take' and doing their darnedest not to adopt good old American values, no siree. This time the lamp of ill-light fell upon our friends in Saudia Arabia, and Kyiv and even Manila.

The Saudis started 'buying the biscuit' when they tried to quash a court case against them for damages arising out of the 'Nine-Eleven'. While we know that the Iranians have been 'buttoned' by the courts as holding some fiscal responsibility for setting things aright, the notion that the nation that spawned 11 of the 14 hijackers and the organization to which they pledged allegiance, should walk away unencumbered was a long time being set-aside. But it did. and spite all the diplomacy a few hefty donations could buy,  the court ruled that the suit could move ahead. No doubt while the 'shriners' prepare their defense, the legal team is playing a game of 'all pile on the A-rab' - class action suit wise.  This should be a doozie - for a number of reasons.

Kyiv is another major source of horsepellets. To read of it Putin is attacking them daily - killing them by the tens while an uncaring world sends neither the money, nor more lethal weapons.  Every so often that neo-nazi 'right sector' they claim to be 'harmless',  takes to the streets demanding Maidanic change, war a l'outrance with 'the russians' and, last week, a removal of the Jews ( 'Sieg heil! Get out of my homeland!").  Meanwhile the economic basket case of  EUropa is losing its basket.  But that's all Putin's fault, too.

While were at it,  we should mention another under-reported weeping ulcer in Libya where the 'rebel' forces we 'put down'  just recently by deploying the Marines and US naval aviation to 'assist' our pal General Haidar, had the affrontery to send a jet to shoot up one of his 'arms runs',  just yesterday.  The fat Lady can't even find the Syrian theatre.  We'll be reading more about her, there .. or not.

One of the stories that isn't being told about Syria is the notable lack of 'getting even' being done by Assad's victorious forces.  He even allowed the UN to organize buses to run the fleeing rebels, with their small arms, and, it is reported, some of their hostages and possibly even western military advisors,  off to  the nearest rebel strongholds. Very few of them have been abused, let alone summarily executed. But we were told anyway that it was a "genocide"! That was just a lie.

The white helmets disappeared as if they never existed, maybe they were just more cinematography.

Yemen gets the odd mention, which is truly odd.

 The Philippines seems to be 'spinning out of control' in the hands of a 'mad' despot who probably stole his election, too, and who doesn't seem to have much interest in inviting the US navy to face off against China over 'Philippine waters',  or asking the Marines to teach them how to kill 'terror'. We won't hear much before the assassination.

Central West Africa is another cesspit being 'orchestrated' by Africom - another fine division of the 'greatest farce for good on erth' - and that's why we don't hear much about it, either. Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Congo - all 'caca holes' - but no news is the best kind.

So while we haven't had much to worry about this past year, having a Trump at the helm promises to have the media working overtime to debunk his 'hooey' and edjumacate America to his pearls. Her isn't even the real President, see? Her's locked up in her study, planning a minyin wummins' march on Washington.

The 'commies' have a couple of interesting takes on other untold stories too.

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Instead they give us 'massive responses' to just plain stupid.

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We're in safe hands with these bozos.

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