Thursday, January 12, 2017

1000 Days of War

It is coming up to 1000 days of war Ukraine.

The struggle seems as intractable as ever, seen by the Ukrainian side, and most of the 'civilized'  west, as a 'Russian aggression' - a defense of freedom, civilization and Europe from the potential of Russian threat and aggrandizement.

From the other side it appears somewhat less complex - some apparently very foolish people resisting 'goodness' for reasons only known to themselves. For if Putin's 'Red hordes' were involved, the propaganda would be in overdrive,  wouldn't it? Or it would be even more secret than how he hacked an election.

 I relay Graham Phillips photographic tribute to what war really looks like in Eastern Ukraine. CAUTION: He shows war as it, sickeningly, can be. Propaganda it ain't.

Far less graphic and more heroic, a view from the other side.

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