Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The US Election - nausea edition

Lordy, lordy it's half of fordy!   Only a couple of weeks left in the Obama ruptured duckery and then , once again, America can be the land that Israel ordained it to be.   Don Trump's inaugural barge will leave the power people of  Pluto, Florida -  those who attended at the 'emprah's new year's ball' and soiree for $180 bucks a pop - and the "White House South" - 'Mar-a-Lago', (trans: 'Bad of the last', or 'the worst' in Neapolitano) and steam up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hilaria's Take on the New Year's disgrace

Meanwhile up north, the Russians looked like they were running some sort of Exodus, for  a plague of sanctions descended from the WH on some specific Russians for what the US government think they know, or think they were told, Putin's hackers had done to 'Democrazy'.  Not enough to have an election rescinded, obviously, but enough to make somebody - particularly a Hillary supporter,  think that, if whatever it was hadn't happened, Hilary might have attracted more black non-voters and increased her popular vote figures - the ones that say, "I won!"  In a late development, to bring that message of fear closer to the minds of Americans , a government source used a clip from a popular video game (where hackers gather info to help them open safes)  to illustrate the existing danger.

Getting serious about hacking 

But back to the Russians.

The US State Department issued marching orders for a number of Russian diplomatic staff to cease, desist and remove themselves, before midnight, from the magical kingdom - for 'espionage'.  The numbers included  the chef at a legation in California and what might be described as a 'coven' of Russky Christadelphians, or an  Amway team, or Scientificisicians living in a  'group retreat center' on Long Island .  I guess they'll be taking their higher power home to mind-meld with Vlad.

Among others sanctioned, were the head, deputy head and a few other high-ranking members of the Russian security apparatus (no Disney trips for those birds).  Surprisingly,  a young female Russian is complaining, to-day, that she and her security company - she has actually won a few EU rewards for finding hacking activities - have been arbitrarily accused of 'helping' Russian state security find out what John Podesta had in his inbox - or that Hilary's friends didn't want Bernie Sanders doing more than flailing before 'the goddess'.

Actually I think it's likely that her business might be competition for 'CrowdStrike', the US anti-hacking, now multi-million dollar 'corporation' that is US state security's sole, apparently,  font of wisdom. The Russian boss of that operation probably offered a merger - between the two they could have 3/4 of the globe 'covered'. But she wouldn't bite his bag and so he's getting his pals to do him a solid.  If she's smart,  we'll hear that they're 'dating'.

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