Thursday, February 02, 2017

Save Us President Trump!

 The civil war in Ukraine has become a hot one again.  The Kyiv governent is claiming to have been "attacked" after it 'slowly advanced' into rebel territory to 'restore its territorial integrity'.

 Last week the Kyiv cabal were announcing the liberation of the ''Pig Farm" at Ardiivka, one of the largest commercial hog-farming operations in EUkraine, and, lately, feeding the Donbass Republics.  Since then the fighting - most usually in the form of artillery fire - has spread along the front. Kyiv makes very much of separatist forces 'committing war crimes' by shelling civilian areas.

Here Graham Phillips posts about the on-site first-person  reports of  American Patrick Lancaster, from Donetsk,  Ardivka and other towns in the DPR.   You don't get reality like this coming from Kyiv.

Graham Phillip' s site

Donbass January 30.  Ukraine is under attack!

January 31st Slava Eukrainia - stop those miners!

 You don't see this on our news.

 Feb 1st 'freedom' is still "under attack"

The 'Russian' attackers.

Both Phillips and Lancaster are independent journalists - depending on donations to fund their reporting.

Both also do a lot to bring relief to the civilians of the affected areas.  Last week the trains were stopped for the first time in 4 years. Water and electricity are disrupted daily and of course the Ukrainian government pays nothing to any Ukrainian citizens inside what they call 'temporarily occupied' areas.

Check them out and please consider helping.

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