Wednesday, February 22, 2017

All the Kink's Men & the Lyin' Liars Who Lie

                                    Jeremy Scahill on the underlying wrongs

                              The one war Trump doesn't want to lose: the first one

                             Another war Trump won't want to lose: the latest one

Trump is the third 'War President' elected, in a row. He won't want to be the first President to 'lose' one. That's his first consideration. What he has done,  so far,  reflects 'not losing' being his job #one.

The news this week has, either, Trumpco rising to new heights of 'greatifying' America, or imploding as it and he, personally, goes into a 'deth spiral'. As last week and the last 38 before,   it is all about 'false news' and the variety you prefer best.  America and the Brits are shocked, they tell us, shocked, that fake news is now the only variety they get. As if, by some miracle, the 'hoo hah' we've all been ingesting for at least 18 years has been much different.  What's different is that more people are starting to call it crap. Even the mall-trotters are starting to wake up to the fact that the brown 'goo' on their mouths isn't the latest 'in' shade of lipliner. The sub-adult population - at least - have been wearing it   since they were born.

                                        Fake news and the Fakin' Fakirs who fake

What is telling is that 'the poop' could, for the first time,  take down an American government.

The other day, after the resignation of Trump's National Security Advisor, and more particularly Trump's "continued defiance", the media -  especially 'the voices' providing the sound track to the leaked calls - were crying that the "problem" still remained - foul treason was still afoot - and they wanted to know what Trump knew about it.

Today, after his appontment of  'Deth Lord Vader' to head-up the NSC (I thought he gave that job to Kellogg at the same time as the newbie came aboard - but I'm probably in error) the news is full of squawks about how the 'new guy' is demanding to retrofit the NSC 'so it works for him' and how that means Trump's favorite civilian warfighter - and loose cannon -  Bannon of Breitbart - will 'have to go'. Another Pro-Trump part of the media is making noises about how the 'power' in America, the 'deep state', is 'encircling Trump with its minions'.  Either to make sure he upsets no applecarts, or help remove him when he does. Some bookies are giving odds on the impeachment date, others on when Trump's war kicks-off. Both events sooner rather than later.

Trump to-day reformatted his immigration policy, or rather this emigration policy,  for it sees a lot more people leaving America than coming in.  We'll have to see if is a) appealed or b) stands another judicial ruling - the White House claims he has every right, if not a duty, to keep certain people out of America. Up until now that referred to invading armies. His 'duty' is, of course, transferrable to the Dirlewanger battalion of the Grenzwache. Eggs will get broken to make the American omelet greater.

In the meantime watch out for WW3!

Updates: the new immigration policy got the same judicual treatment as the first one.
             : Trump is upping the ante: more US boots in Syria, Afghanistan could be 'resurged'. 

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