Saturday, July 07, 2018

Bruce the Ripper

Torontonians are regaling themselves,  in shocked awe, that a 'serial' killer has been walking among them - possibly since he 'got off the bus' from Bobcaygeon, or some 'ville' in the Kiwarthas, a decade or so ago. All the while he was thought to be a mild-mannered landscaper but, if court records are to be believed,  he was known to be violently abusive to gay hookers and, it turns out, is now accused of terminating a number of gay men with extreme prejudice.

 But while the original ripper eviscerated his 6 or 7 victims, displayed them to 'send-up' police and was never caught. Our guy turned the dead into 'flower arrangements'  and wound-up getting caught - we'll have to find out how. Whether it was a lucky happenstance that nailed him,  or the super- sleuthing of the second 'finest public protection and service agency on erth',  is a saga page yet to be illustrated..

This story was started months ago but the saga continues.

A sober note at this years sexidexteroius celebrations was some group mourning for the dearly-departed - if anybody in the community really knew knew or cared.  While there may be somebody who does really know somebody and might even have cared about them, the gay community is one of those places where strangers rally do just pass in the night and that may be what makes it so easy for them to go poof, with little notice or noticing. They're the same class of folks police investigation-wise and Pictons'  multiple hookers.

Only yesterday another police investigation has been launched to excavate a gully behind accused killer  's home after cadaver dogs marked the possibility of human remains being there. Police are thinking as many as 6 more victims might be interred there.

More remains found

In the interim the killer has been arraigned. The star's ace 'reportress' Rosie was on hand to stare down into his soul looking for the depravity that only she could decipher for us. The Star's ace courtroom artist was there,  as well,  seeing the diabolical masque behind the plebeian potato-latke features of a shop-worn Santa Claus.

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