Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stolen Memo: re: Flags

NatDefHQ - Ottawa : RE: National Standards utilized as funeral accoutrements

Item: All Flags suitable for funerary use i.e. Req. # qF 11007877 - fge - Taffetized nylon national standard (365.7cmX182.88cm) shall be issued from NatDef stores base Trenton only.
QMSTR Ref: AS 1120-5534-AC45.

Item: All Command units CANFORAF may indent for 12 such to have on charge as circumstances arise.

Item: Such flags retrieved after use S/B returned to NatDef Stores base Trenton for proper credit and reissue to indenting units.

Item: As a cost-saving measure the memorial flag given to relatives, etc, at conclusion of interment service S/B procured through the office of the Local MP who has been issued a number of such items for riding use. CO of Gd detail to arrange and to remit DND property as in item above.

Item: Failing acquisition of suitable flag from MP, CO Gd detail is warranted to purchase locally a national standard (121cmX60.96cm0 not in excess of $10.00). Such to be prefolded for presentation at end of interment. Reimbursement if desired S/B docketed on claims NDFC CL12-a303a/b E or Cl12-a303a/b F

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"Frenchy" Lapierre GSO1 - log/QMC/RASC

NatDefHQ - M- 3320-12290-34348 a 34 10:15 Ap/24/06

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