Thursday, August 23, 2007

Montebello Que.

The leaders of the free world came, and saw and had a laugh. At least two of them did, the little stick-in-the-mud from down Mexico way, is a bit anal retentive. They harkened unto the Cap'ns of industry as they laid down chapter and verse on the best way to make the continent secure for the bottom line. Never mind that the stock market had been acting like a roller coaster with an inebriated carnie at the helm. This was about the important stuff - Jelly Beans.

Mr. Ganong - one of Canada's originals, after Laura Secord, at making candy, was there to decry the fact that we're not 'unified' enough. Canadian beanz can't hold a torch to those American beanz. Ours are bigger, but come in a restricted number of non-flavours. Theirs are pretty good - coming in a plethora of tastes from peanut butter through 'broccoli' and even 'dental caries' and ' halitosis' flavours. The problem is that silly rules and regs and non-standardized packaging and listing requirements are crimping the bottom line. A bean, should be a bean anywhere in North America. Right?

Some people aren't concerned about jelly beans, they're concerned about other non-standardized or unreported things like allowable amounts of pesticide residues, trace elements of toxic materials, antibiotics or disease elements. But Prime Minister Harper tried to make it simple for us.

Meanwhile outside the gates, Mr Harper described the situation as "Sad". Whether he was referring to the numbers of protesters, or the fact they showed up at all, wasn't too apparent. They were, in comparison to other venues, a fairly moderate bunch with only a few arrests announced.

That's not the cops fault. Apparently the 'Doofi' in blue, midnight black, grey or urban camo, had sent a couple of stalwarts into the rabble to keep an eye out for the lunatics and to see what they could do to 'preserve the peace'. It's rather unfortunate that the three stooges had to get caught by protest organizers, getting ready to chuck some rocks at their brothers in order to 'egg on' the anti-democrats. This all captured on video and dropped on UTube A step down in stupidity since Sgt. 'Roxxoff' of the RCMP was taped lacing a west coast crowd with an industrial strength container of mace a few years back. As if there isn't enough trouble in the world. The assholes have to create more to justify their 'security' overtime pay. What royal twits. 'It's a dirty job, Bobby, and it takes a right lout to do it. Set a rioter to catch a rioter I always sez.'

I don't know how impressed the Surete de Quebec will be - after they've spent their monnaie. But I wouldn't be counting on a law and order vote there. I'll be surprised if Portobello brings Mr. Happy any votes in Quebec, it didn't change my mind, the guy's a wet fart in disguise.

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