Monday, March 24, 2008

Cooling it. Elsewhere

Canadians are about the same as anybody else, except perhaps Russian 'gypsies', at falling afoul of the law in other parts of the world. There are, at this moment, probably a good few Canadians - more than 1700 last count, cooling their heels in foreign slammers.

A few of note: Khadr, Mohamed Kohail, Brenda Martin and Paul Neil.

Khadr, whom I've remarked on a few times, remains in Guantanamo with a tribunal pending.

Mohamed Kahil is the latest to get into trouble in the Arab world. Kahil, and his brother are Saudis educated in Canada, who returned home. At a party last summer the two were involved in a fight in which one party-goer wound-up dead. The two Canadians are among a group charged. The older brother Mohamed was convicted and sentenced to death. The Canadian government claims it can't interfere, but Saudi law being what it is, it seems a 'virt. cert.' that a 'deal' will be made and reparation paid to the dead man's family in return for a royal pardon.

Paul Neil is a former schoolteacher of English in Thailand who is currently on trial on child pornography charges. This after German police used software to un-photoshop some pictures of Neil in the throes of passion with some very minors. This looks like a 'slam dunk' as Neil posted quite a few of his conquests on pedophilic sites for a number of years, after carefully and elecronically, 'swirling' his face. No doubt the Canadian government will be bringing his sorry ass back to a warm cozy in Canada when he's convicted.

Brenda Martin in much in the news of late. She's been jailed in Guadalajara Mexico for going on three years relating to some fast-buck scheme floated by an American, who's himself doing time, at the moment, in a US penitentiary for a different scam. The story is that Brenda took a job as 'Daddy Warbucks' cook and housekeeper. He fled Mexico and forgot to take her along, so she got to hold on to  'la bolsa' while he went on the lam. The Mexicans probably have the notion that, if they hang onto somebody, they might get some of the money back. Warbucks has bravely come forward with an exculpatory statement, but, unfortunately, hasn't a clue what happened to all the pesos he swindled. Karen just about can't take it (the Mexican prison) any more, although she does manage to get a decent supply of anti-depressants. There is a rising swell of public opinion, and in public servants, that something should be done.

A recent development is a number of visits Karen has received from visiting Canadian politicos. In particular a visit she didn't receive from the Canadian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs who was busy at a party for Canadian ex-pats in Guadalajara, but didn't have any time to go see the woman. I'd love to know how ex-pat Canadians get to know an MP is coming let alone get to go to a party in her honour. Must be a consulate in G'jara, I guess.

Anyway the MP, Helena Guergis, said something truly profound about 'visiting one, and having to visit them all' before she jetted back to a snow-covered Canada to continue to "work hard" on the case. The Mexicans have put a $500 000 price tag on Martin's freedom. Considering he stole the money in the first place, maybe her American padrone will kick in part of it. Advice to Canadians: be careful in Mexico and don't do stupid. Or go to work for los gringos ricos o locos.

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