Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Whaaat the F**K?

The Missus called me downstairs to take a dekko at  the closing act of this years'  American Music Awards that she'd taped.

It was a number performed by somebody called Adam Lambert who'd been a contestant on American Idol last year. He wasn't successful there - other than to declare himself a homosexual and wind up- like other losers- winning the opportunity to begin a music career and record his first album. He performed  a tune called 'For Your Entertainment' and it rang chimes all around the world. Adam got his desired attention, but it wasn't for any talent he had, for, his sexual proclivities aside, Adam well and truly 'sucked' - vocally, musically choreographically and possibly as a homosexual too.

What Adam did do, however, was the cause of the reaction. As part of his 'entertainment' a set of male and female dancers were featured. The females were certainly talented, at least one could even dance. The other submitted to a bisexual 'groin grope'. The boys in the chorus replicated the old Abu Gharib dog walk competition with Adam playing the part of Lyndie England on the domination end of the leash. He even went so far as to recreate a 'conditioning exercise' used there on muslim prisoners which involved somebodies' pubic region and the prisoner's face. It must have been the Muslims complaining, for, I understand, they're down on homosexuality. They obviously missed Adam's political statement. So did I for that matter.

To round it all off, after tripping and doing some weird Elvis kung-fu recovery roll on the ramp on set, Adam stomped his way to the upper tier where a funk-punk band of musicians thrashed and thundered. There he lingered to plant a tonsil examination on an androgenous femality engaged in tickling the keyboard. They parted like Sinatra's strangers and Adam concluded his number doing a Gene Simmon's tongue routine and an off-key screaming fit to match his off-key and off-colour performance. Another source said he concluded by 'flipping the bird' to the audience. I didn't see that, but it might explain the delayed applause at the conclusion of his 'song'.

Apparently his show lit up the call-in lines with worldwide complaints. Adam's scheduled appearance the next morning on a national program was cancelled. He, of course, inferred it was a 'gay' thing and felt sorry for the admiring public who would miss his art.

It's just another of our freedoms they hate us for. On the other hand why do we take such abuse in the name of somebody else's freedom? I'd like to be free of this crap.

 Knowing how 'phobic' I am, I think the Missus did it deliberately.

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