Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the Pols Come Tumblin' Down

Steve Harper pulled the rug out from under his Minsiteress for the Status of Women - Helena Guergis - last night, and not without lots of good reasons and not before her time. One of Harper's cabinet skanks, Helena, and her 'bozo' Karim Abdul  - ex future prime-ministerial material - Jaffar have been getting it in the neck from the Libs and the press for some while now.

They've  been 'picked on' - but not without some substantially stupid input from themselves.

Looking like something out of a Bollywood spectacular, the 'Sheik of Araby' swept single mom Guergis off her size 10's and merged them into Ottawa's 'ultimate power couple'. In a town full of cheap rugs, dentures and hairplugs, Guergis and Jaffar hit the scene like Wayne and Schuster hit the Sullivan Show.  Except they weren't kidding.
Rahim Jaffar was the first to start to melt. On his 4th shift as an Edmonton MP, Jaffar was knocked-off by an NDP lightweight. Maybe his riding got the message that 'on the way up' meant he didn't have time to do his basic job. The second nail in his coffin resulted from a police spot check in his home area of Caledon, Ont. That stop resulted in serious charges of drunk driving and possession of cocaine. For a guy who took delight in accusing other pols of being 'soft on drugs', Jaffar was apparently in a bind. Never fear however! The episode cost him an admission that he was driving carelessly and a fine of $500.00. The drug and drunk charges were dropped.

That must have pissed a lot of people off and so, when the story of what Jaffar had been doing earlier on the night he was stopped came to light, the 'hue and cry ' was on again. It seems the young man on his way up had become a shill for the 'green industry' offering his services and knowledge of government,  to make sure his clients were steered toward the proper teats for government largesse. His business web site even bore the PC party logo until it was removed after the story came to light. Influence peddling would be an apt descriptor. And the smell attaching to the business 'clients' he was meeting that night was stronger than pungent week-old babaganouche and beer butts.

Helena was only slightly smarter. Her first gaffe occurred during an annoying airport security thing in PEI. She took offense to having to to remove her power boots and wigged-out on the staff. After the apology for that,  next thing was a series of letters to the editor praising her public probity and innate brilliance. They were written by her staff - without her knowledge of course. That is natural:

" Geez, Clarice, the electorate thinks I'm an asshole!"
" No boss, I know that to be untrue. You are hard-working and diligent.. I won't tell you that I will be spending my lunch, speaking truth to the power of the media."

Perhaps it was the thought that Jaffar was serious about his ability to make cabinet contacts for business on the mooch. He was cohabiting with one. That he was brazen enough to carry on as such, and that she was either naive enough, or cupiditous enough, to let him, explains why, after being removed from caucus she, and he, are the subject of a police investigation.

But the PC's aren't cruel by nature. There's her pension to think about. And why make a martyr out of one of your own? The day might well come when it's another Tory's business being sniffed, and one wouldn't want to set any nasty precedent.

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