Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newt, Mitt, Rick, Erl, Ronnie and the Zombas

The Republican primaries stagger into the home stretches (Florida this week and Utah or somewhere else conservative next week) and it's looking like Milt Rummy is taking the lead. But this race has more in common with a 'keystone kops' scenario than anything politically significant. For it keeps on swinging between farce and just plain slapsick. It's hard to believe that the leader, chosen from this field of nags, just might actually poll the ballots of half the Americans who vote. And that an 'electoral machine' that can get out more voters than the other side, might actually gain control of America for at least the next 4 years.

At least Americans are guaranteed four more years like the last four years no matter who wins.  The incumbent couldn't  do  much worse than he has done. America won't be 'moving ahead' anytime soon.

So if it isn't politics, what is important to Americans? Well first there's 'ennertainment'. This is the close of the football season and the Superbowl is right around the corner. So a day of massive consumption of fast/junk food and large quantities of toilet-flushing water  are in order. As well as that the Bachelor is coming to a climax and every female in America is enthralled with the consideration of  which plastic tart Opie the human sheepdog might select as his 'breeding mate'. But what crap! The only way somebody could desensitize an intellect enough to watch this pap is by training on "Survivor' - which, by the way is almost ready to go, again. I'd like to see them go somewhere cold or with mosquitoes  this time.

The Oscars are upcoming, too. But before that, there is a plethora of 'lesser' and 'almost as good' awards  to be red-carpetted and media-rated. If you haven't gotten your annual dose of Hollywood's 'aristocracy', this is the season for you. And the films - why it's 'old' Hollywood vs 'new' Hollywood. The old Hollywood dating back to the hoary days of the new millenium and the new Hollywood consisting mostly of talented foreigners. And most of the nominees 'suck' or 'blow', or  do both. I think somebody has learned a lot from 'The Hurt Locker' in terms of how to make 'boffo' boxoffice from lawsuits on any given 'stinkaroo'.

Speaking of 'Pipa' and 'Popover' the recent pieces of legislation, entered into both governing  Houses in the States,  to curb internet piracy, what happened there? Obviously the lobbyists of BIG music and movies had done their work convincing the legislators that some 'strong medecine' was needed to stop granny and the teenagers from robbing them blind, (or festooning the earth with kiddie-porn pictures). But something went amiss when the troglodytes of the internet rose up and signed petitions which, mirabile dictu, some pols actually might have read. The legislation has been 'withdrawn, for tweaking and,  like a famous generalissimo, they will return. For this is about stealing braces outta the mouths of babes, see?

Is Roller Derby making a comeback yet?

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