Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Jihadis of Middlesex County

Almost immediately after the attack on an Algerian oil drilling operation back in February, it was noised about that Canadians, or somebody carrying  Canadian passports, had been involved with the AQ force blamed for the attack.

This is the second such incident, another being the attack on a bus-ful Israelis holidaying in Bulgaria just before Christmas. Recent follow-ups to that incident  claim that the dead bomber was assisted by two others - one carrying Australian papers and the other, a Canadian. Thus far neither of the suspects has been identified.

The Algerian connection remained fairly speculative until yesterday, when  the names of two Canadians were announced and it came to light that both CSIS and the RCMP had been investigating them well before 'the balloon went up' in the Sahara. The name of a third Canadian - all residents of London, Ontario who had, we're being told,  hied-off to seek jihad, had been schoolmates. One was of  middle-eastern extraction and the other two were 'converts' to Islam. They had been reported to authorities as ' hanging around with bad characters'. Who reported them remains unknown, but security forces indicate the three were being asked-about.

Somehow, despite the official curiosity, all three obtained Canadian passports and then 'disappeared' overseas only to turn up as members of an AQ unit whch captured an oil installation, taking a number of foreign workers hostage, and, we're told, executing a number of the 53 of them who died. The two major players were killed in the ensuing counter attack by Algerian security forces, and the third is reputedly in jail somewhere in the middle east - arrested before he could 'do any harm'.

To-day the 'Harpergovermint' is on 'the hotseat' about who knew what, when and how much? Needless to say the 'Harpergovermint' is doing its standard fancy-dancing for, once again, it's fairly obvious that nobody had a clue what was going on. Still don't.

So far they haven't been able to either find out or come up with a plausible story. So we have the Minister of Foreign Affairs handing-off to the Minister of Justice who then hands-off to the RCMP who in turn have no comment. Teeedle dee Baird,  tweedle-dum Vic Toews and Duddly Doowright  we've seen this 'force' before - standing on guard for thee and mee.

On the news last night the moslem population of London, Ontario were taking to the airways to deny any knowledge and express their  shared concern with all Canadians. Question is, where were these young guys getting all their jihad info and is there somebody still educating the disaffected to head off for parts east and the GWOT? Are the mosques of London, or any where else in Canada, being used to foment jihad?

Harpergovermint  needs to de-thumb the bum and let the people of Canada know what our security services are about. Either we have a problem, or we don't -  keeping it a secret doesn't help Canadians ... of any flavour..

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