Friday, February 28, 2014

La Chaim - the 'Bulldozer' Busted out

One of the last original 'menschen' Ariel Sharon (nee Scheinermann), the conqueror of Shatila, Lord of Lebanon and Mitla, the Undoer of the Yom Kippur, the defenestrator of the Gaza Settlements and father to his nation, wall-builder par excellence and intafada-fighter numbers 1 thru 8, shuffled off the mortal coil last week after a short lifetime in a coma.

I was going to remark on his life and 'charmed' military record, but having Prime Minister Harper send a  'ground preparation committee' to the funeral - so that he can do  his pilgrimage a week later, upstaged the dead guy.

Representing Canada at the funeral rites were the 'new' ambassadorix Vivian Bercovicci and Canada's up-and-coming brain trust, Chris Alexander the kabob of Kandahar. 'Kid Rock', clad in the standard one-size-fits-everybody, goyische yarmulkeh, just like Joe Biden's,  even got to say shiva, or something.

But all that lumination didn't hold a templelamp to the Wise-Guy's eastern progress a week later. The Steverino was coming to town! As well as that were a number of hebrew MPs and a coterie of the Canadian rabbinate - some travelling on the taxpayers' dime. Apparently there was a literal 'skylane' of Canada-Israel flights - commercial and otherwise - to prepare the way of the lord.

Sadly, other than a check-off on a possible bucket list (I wershipped at the Wailing wall), Canada got little more than an opportunity to show how a Zionist friend we really were. And Steve got another award.

Mind you, there was a side trip to the West Bank and a foray into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, America's little gunport on Syria. But why would one want to waste time in those places when the latter-day eden really 'hearts' you?

Sharon may be dead, but his course will be stayed, whether the Prime Minister of Canada, or anybody else for that matter, 'supports' it or not.  There is the 'survival' of a nation/race/religion at stake. The palestinians may continue to exist or not,  their call. Steve announced $12 million for something arabic, but I wouldn't be expecting the cheque.

And let's not forget the "million-dollar shot".

The Globe's 'unlisted' video

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