Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hail to the Chief

Poroshenko, the 'Candy-Man' ,was anointed head of novo-Ukraine yesterday before the crowned heads - or rather elected officials -  of the EU and the 'free' world.

His keynote speech, heralded to-day in some circles, as a masterpiece of  "telling it like it is", or "standing-up to terror",  certainly doesn't give much hope for peace in Ukraine.

Coming off a media-inspired 'euphoric moment' because he actually crossed eyes with Putin at the beaches of Normandy luncheon and was welcomed by into the pantheon of "global leadership", Porochenko said nothing he hadn't said before - other than that another set of 'peace discussions' were in the offing. What he emphasized, however, seems important,  for it's unlikely to be 'bullshit'  as part of an inauguration speech, right?

 The first important thing is Crimea - Ukrainian,  past, present and future. That is a 'main aim' for his Presidency - getting Putin to give it back. He claims to have pointed that out to Putin, in France, if he didn't tell him anything else. I'd bet the Crimeans wouldn't need to be consulted, or care either.

Along with Crimea goes all the 'territorial integrity' of that blessed land. So the Poles won't be getting theirs back either.  Not without a fight.

And that brings up the notion of the 'existential threat' to Ukraine from its many surrounding 'enemies'.  (You've heard that song before?) Ukraine, according to ex-interim president (and current generalissimo and war spokesperson) 'Turchy' - is fighting "for the world" folks. Yeppers, those orange-ribbon dudes and dudettes are a global threat - to you and I!  So that's why we need to send money to  help Ukrainia 'liquidate' them for us.

The new President seems to be infected with that paranoia.

Job one, however, seems to be a need to 'redevelop' Ukraine's military industrial complex which, somehow, has fallen on hard times. Never mind that Ukraine, when it declared its independence, was home to some of Russia's largest, most modern and best weapons design and manufacturing installations. To  this day Ukraine maintains the Russian ballistic missile fleet and supplies weapons and ammunition around the world. But the 'complex' has been used as somebody's cash cow and now can't supply, nor equip, the forces needed to put down an essentially civilian insurrection.

Building all those weapons for the new 'punker-pan divisions' will put the Ukraine back to work! And back on easy street.

He'll have no truck with terror!  But he's all 'up' for  peace and doesn't even want any "revenge" (probably a mis-translation). Unless you're a 'bad guy' - like the guys 'running' the eastern regions who don't live in Europe or a five star hotel - the 'evil doers' who have "blood on their hands"  (presumably excluding the 'good guys' of Privaty Sektor and the phalangist militias who've been unofficially 'bleeding' lots of 'bad guys'). They won't be at any table he's at! They'll be 'at the wall'.

But what will Poroschenko do if those who do show up to 'talk', tell him he needs to stop the 'crap', like those who have already done that, twice, to 'Yats and Turchy'?

New boss - new 'discussions' - better invitation list?

Poroschenko is going to have to 'truck' with the gunmen ...  if he wants peace. What he really wants, however, is NATO to come fix things.

After the show was over it was outside to review the troops and what could easily have been an assassination attempt.  I'm pretty sure that notion passed through Poro's thick skull as he had to have noticed the young guardsman (video below) lower his bayonet (that sharp, 'pig-sticker' thingy on the end of his 'gun' to the uninitiated)  into his field of vision. Poroshenko, to his credit, 'sailed by' like the ship of state he now truly is. But I'll bet, had he had Akademi back-up, that kid would have been 'neutralized' on-camera,  and a splendid national moment thoroughly messed-up.

Next time, I bet, he will -  it was, security-wise, just too close a call.

Honor guard. Oops!

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