Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's All Over .... but for the Shooting

The great Ukrainian adventure takes a rest. If nothing else, here's a 'landmark' for the 'propaganda' it has produced. Here are some:


        Saur Mogila monument

 And Afterward

The war Memorial on a the greatest height of land outside Donetsk became the focal point of bitter fighting after the Kyiv forces closed in on that city. The Monument was shelled and taken by the Ukrainians,  It was then shelled and retaken by the 'rebels' at the end of August, just as things were 'going south' for the 'good guys.

It is now a monument to the Civil War of 2014.

Grads at Saur Mogila

Slava Eukrainia!

Saur Mogila - finale?

Along with Saur Mogila are the corpses and the scrap metal.

After the 'liberation' of Slavyansk unmarked graves were discovered, the dead in which were described, by Kyiv forces  as being executed by the 'terrorists'. Three particular members of an evangelical church were so described as "being killed for their flashy cars". Mass arrests of rebel 'sympathizers' were also recorded. and an Ukrainian 'pol' (Oleh Lyashko) traveled to the city to personally 'arrest' the chief of police, for treachery.

Global Research: War Crimes

Donetsk continues to be a center focus for the unresolved ceasefire, with rebel forces continuing to try to winkle Ukrainian forces out of the airport and the Kyiv forces harassing the city and its environs with random shell fire. Since the ceasefire more than 30 civilians have been killed in, or near, Donetsk and the airport fighting has taken the lives of between 10's and 100's (depending who's telling) of  military personnel. The airport facilities have, for all intents and purposes, been destroyed.

In abeyance - a permanent political solution, Ukraine's fuel crisis, war crimes charges on both sides and the resolution of the  MH17 atrocity.

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