Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Putinic Trollery

If you Google 'Ukraine  invasion'  you turn up more than 15 million hits - 99 percent of them telling the sad tale of how gallant little Ukrainia was just minding its own business when Vlad the impaler stuck one of his appendages into the rear end of that sad land. 15 million. Do the same for 'Ukraine Russia' conflict and you pop 35 million hits. Googling 'Novorossia' gets 580 thousand or 'Crimea' will get you 19 million - again telling what's wrong, instead of what's right.

The Atlantic 'fingers it out'.

Yet for some reason the sad side of the story keeps crying the blues about 'Putin's trolls' and how they're' somehow' trying to make the world think there's something 'screwy' with the Maidan thing and the government the US 'brokered' as a result. As if reality can be topped by creative writing.

Maybe the first thing 'screwy' is who's doing the trolling. Maybe it's a language thing - you could pick a Ukrainian out of any crowd, especially one speakink English, so it's easier to copy 'Putin's troll' from the white board than it is to come up with a cogent counter argument for any of the objections to NEUkrainia. But you can't say they haven't been busy getting 'the word out'. Whatever little cottage industry there isn't in Kyiv, it ain't the ministry of propaganda.

 You have to laugh, though, (if it wasn't for the very real killing that goes on) at the sophistry that passes for wisdom in the 'leadership' of Ukraine.  Poroshenko's speeches a case in point.  Yatseniuk is less 'poetic' but more  malignant and Turchynev just isn't fit for western consumption, so they try to keep him away from a mike. This is the triumvirate that runs Ukraine. All the rest - the oligarchs, the rebutylhydrated neo-nazis, the foreign advisors and deputies, are window-dressing to flesh-out the 'saga'; to put some 'shinola' on the turd - 'lustration' it's called. Some of them speak and write english quite well,  coming, as they do, from US schools, if not 'ex-pat' backgrounds. That doesn't, however, improve the quality of the malarkey.

                                           Sieg Yats with 'Nazi' Tyahnybok and Klitschko

Alina Mokhrushyna of the University of Ottawa did a critique on one of president Poroshenko's recent,  more Castro-like (time wise) , presentations. He made a lot of factual errors and oversights - not hard to understand considering his backgrounds. He is 'bent' enough to be considered crooked. Actually it's reminiscent of Jim Jones before the kool-aid arrived.

Poroshenko: 'Chapter and verse' - the poet speaks.

If you have an hour of reading time to spare,  'Porko's state of the union' address to the Rada at the end of May, is an education on dissembling, but not on 'Porko'.  I don't think even he believes a word he says.

And just to-day, August 4th, Yatseniuk is in the news claiming the western media aren't devoting enough space to gallant little Ukrainia.  Putin should be so lucky. 

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