Saturday, August 26, 2017

Heil Trump!

German Propaganda

Russian propaganda

America is coming off a good week.  After a minor riot in Charlotteville, Virginia ( named after the relative of the tyrannical English monarch George III),   the USA got to look at itself up-close and personal - and it's hard to tell what exactly it saw.   Particularly if you were trying to take any lead from the leader of the nation.

As riots go it wasn't much - Wall Street has seen more violence after a market downturn. It didn't even match Moscow for 'critical mass', but somebody drove their car ( an iconic American  muscle car) into the crowd and a woman as killed. The driver,  whose Mom said he isn'y ( "He just went out for some snacks!")  was accused of being a neo-nazi and white supremacist.  His murder trial should be interested in that.

Good nazis in Ukraine

Bad nazis in Charlotteville

There were, so we are told nazi flags there, nazi helmets were there - but the biker variety and there were some cis-genitals,  in white Lacostes,  who were saying they wanted to keep America 'blank' and 'fag-free'.   There were also some 'haters' on the alter side - blacks, violent femmes and at least one Boudicca reenatctor with one bare boob and thigh-high combat boots.  Each side was laying some hurtful words and some regular bric-bat hurt on the others. Than goodness nobody as armed.

Everybody saw what happened on the news - even the Prexy - for among his other cares and worries of orifice - Norks, Afghanis and Russian 'resurfacers' - he had to take time from the dwindling daze of his holiday periods to rebut the dishonest media to point out that such 'division' was an American tradition and that both sides were "baaaaad". The press immediately 'went nuts' about him conflating peaceable icinoclasts with the jack booted sturgeons of Weimar Germany.  He should have, they clamored,  blamed the Nazis for supporting that hateful statuary.

This week they want to remove Columbus from 'Columbus Circle' in Manhattan. And they'll be doing what with the circle, giving it back to the Indians?   Like homosexuality - once you start tolerating such change you wind up supporting it and eventually promoting it.  I don't think most left wing Americans have through through what undoing a few centuries of cultural genocide has done, particularly if you live in a nation that curt its teeth on screwing the natives.  Crikey!  We could be reverting to a time when red savages might kill us all in our beds before the rowboat-jihadi invaders do!

After bloviating his way past Charlotteville Trump hied himself west for another of his patented 'resuscitation rallies' - the ones where he touches his 'base'.  There he laid down chapter and verse on all the bad guys - foreign and domestic-  and the bad stuff they'd done to him and to America.  He didn't mention his Afghan plan which might have caused some disappointment.

The subsequent 'address' to the nation which didn't involve any screaming and shouting - no need to do that if you're reading a script - and Afghanistan was as scripted as it could get. With the standard Trumpisms that conflated everything central Asian into an interlaced bag of goo and mother love and then laid down his patented 'starting NOW!'  mantra that gets him so much traction with those trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing. At least they've been warned that what they're supposed to be doing is now overdue

Donald is big on getting friends into things. Afghanistan is a case in point. While there are now commitments from previous participants like Britain and Spain to commit a couple of hundred personnel each - to training and a re-up of sorts from those members of NATO who didn't leave America to change the mission on her own - the Germans and Italians - to hang in, the greatest response has been received from Non-NATO allies - Georgia, Ukraine, and New Zealand who are 'doubling down' on the great shows they've already made.  Thew rest of NATO is busy trying to figure out how they can spend more on their military without handing it over to defend America in Asia and now Africa.  Don't anticipate Trump showing-up to take the 'allied' march past in Kabul.

                                                                 Welcome Allies!

uniting America

uniting America


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