Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pass the DimSung, will ya' Mac?

The Toronto student-killer MinChen got a fairly stiff sentence for killing Cecelia Zhang last year. The judge indicated he was getting a break because there was no rebuttle to his story that it was some over-enthusiastic voice-muffling that asphyxiated the kid as he tried taking her from her home. Looking at his picture, I felt sorry for the poor bastard.

But on reflection, I think he was very lucky. He kept the dumping place for her body a secret for half a year, enough time for decomposition and whatever fauna live in Toronto ravines to spread the bones around. That pretty well ensured there would be little by way of evidence to be gleaned from the corpse.

Anyway he should be able, unless he really is stupid, and maybe even then,to complete that education his people sent him here to get. I read in the Star to-day that he might not be able to return to China after-all when he gets out, because they'll put him in jail again. If the Chinese will jail him, why are we doing it? He belongs in China.

I could see some crazy bugger in correctional services figuring that we should fly his parents here for visits. Perhaps he'll need a special culturally-correct diet. Entertainment in his native language, and, of course, special treatment, because he killed a kid. He looks like he could be a model prisoner and future candidate for early parole (despite what the Judge said). If he stays in a Canadian jail, he might just as well get Canadian citizenship. When he gets out we won't be able to get rid of him.

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