Sunday, June 04, 2006

AlaKaboom Kaputt

The saga continues with news to-day that the RCMP were instrumental in the Toronto Jihadis getting 3 tons of fertilizer. Instead of vacuum cleaner salesmen, the boys in blue were probably making out they looked after gardening supplies. A casual question about weed n'feed and hey presto! 3 tonnes of CIL's finest is on the truck to TO.
Why three tonnes you might ask? Well, two reasons mainly, first it would look really good at the press conference - "these guys could do 3 Timothy McVeighs", and second, it's not too easy to move three tons of fertilizer around. They'd need every accomplice to unload the truck and then - comme la chat- pouncez sur lui!! Nab 'em all at one foul swoop!

It raises the question however, would these guys have bought 3 tons of fertilizer if it wasn't for the help of the Mounties? You can make a mess of a lot of small important things with the fertilizer you would buy for your lawn. Supplementary - just how much diesel, or heating, oil do you need to mix with 3 tons of fertilizer? I'd imagine a 100 litres at least, and then how would you move all that to the target? You'd need more police assistance. I think the 'doowrights' were taking a big chance, but then they probably had an idea they were only busting some putzes.

And 'The PM', not to be outdone at a warriors' ceremony in the capital yesterday with the war-chief Gen. Rick Combat, came out with this gem: "As at other times in our history, we are a target because of who we are and how we live, our society, our diversity and our values — values such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law — the values that make Canada great, values that Canadians cherish."

If you delve into his meaning, you will see that our other wars were caused by our adherence to France in the first instance, and since then, to our English connection. Nobody ever started a war with Canadians for our maples, or perch, or Canada geese. They may have envied us, but they were striking at Canada to get at someone else, we were close at hand.

Now his excellence 'the quiet man', would have you believe that the evildoers of the world envy us our multiculturalism, they want to come here to disrupt our good government, they want our cable TV and our poutine. This onslaught has nothing to do with the fact that we're paying Americans to clean up the mess they made in Iraq, or that we have a combat brigade successfully terminating taliban fighters to clean to a mess the Americans made in Afghanistan.

The only 'targetters' we have to keep an eye on are living to the south of us. They have a track record of paranoia in seeing to their own needs first and not being the least bit shy about using their armed forces to get their way. No fear with 'the contollinator' at the helm, however, he seems more than willing to give the Yanks whatever they want. "Want me to squeal like a pig? Suwee, suwee wee." "Lumber, you can have the lumber, we got lots of lumber." "That oil will continue to flow, why, crikey, it's your oil! Just give us a cut of what you're selling it to yourselves for."

Ah, I know the Americans see us as blue-nosed little brothers who live on hockey skates. And that even though we've had our differences before, now our economies are linked and we are trading partners and all. We both talk english and look pretty much the same and a lot of Canadians sign up to fight in the Marines, so we know what 'hoooah' means. The only reason they'd send the 'Guard' up here was if the 'Commies' were taking over the country or the Mexicans had figured a way to sneak in across 'the world's longest unguarded frontier'.

This little escapade should really get our big, fuzzy, southern brothers going!

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