Wednesday, June 14, 2006

He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother

Ontario's Premeer, Dalty McG finally got fed up last week, when the brotherhood of the longhouse roughed up a couple of newsies and gave some old fellow a coronary.

"Tear down those barricades, my ruddy brothers!" he said," Or this week's round of speeches is off!" And with it the free luncheon.

This stiffening of spine received virtually instant feedback from the Iroquois. "We'll let go a one barricade." Said barricade was removed immediately, by a crew from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

"Not quite good enough for a round of beef dips", said the Preem. "We want those nasty buggers who roughed-up the citizenry in full view of Ontario's finest, thereby causing them (the cops) embarrassment."

"We don't like them beef dips anyway. Peterson orders them," the Natives replied. "And besides where were the cops when our land was bein' stoled? Eh? And besides the indians that found the camera weren't from our reserve, an we didn't know them anyway. Heck we weren't even lookin, we were getting coffee! And if we did know 'em we wouldn't rat them out. Go screw yerself!"

"We shouldn't even be talkin' to you. We want to talk to the Great Mother of us all. So you can tell Harper to screw off, eh? And get us on a plane to England. We'd like to have that little black girl the Govermint General come with us, eh? She's kinda cute, and she knows how we suffer, eh? Maybe she'll take us to her breasts.... oh, I'm not supposed to say that. We respect wimmin. We don't rat on brothers, or sisters either. And besides we don't know those people on the list."

And so the 'stand-off' at Caledonia continues. The barricade was removed at public expense, the OPP remain on duty at public expense, the politicians continue their negotiations with native leaders - now showing up from every point of the compass - all at public expense. The original barricade, like the original gripe, remain in place - all at public exense. And the natives continue to do whatever it is that natives do, at public expense, as well.

This needs to be sorted out by a judge, preferably without a million dollar hearing. Read the history, look at the documents, decide - let's get 'er done!

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