Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Pee on the Past

The Canada Day Weekend resulted in at least one memorable photo: that of some jejeune idiot cranking a leak on the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa.

This thoroughly tactless act has raised the ire of various concerned groups and individuals. One fellow even volunteered to walk post at the monument to safeguard it from further degradation.

The leaking lout? So far still at large, but suggested punishments would have him running the gantlet at Kandahar base or scrubbing public pissoirs for the summer.

Perhaps he was, literally, pissed-off about the recently-concluded softwood lumber agreement. We knew we weren't going to get the $5 billion the US held back in countervening tarriffs, even if the arbitration panel said we should. What we didn't know was that the 'old Harlot' to the south wanted us to 'take it out in trade" and wasn't about to give us one dollar back. So our trustworthy solons, those mavens of the capitalistic spirit, signed us on for 2, count them 2, Boeing C-17's. 'Yeah, that's the ticket, we couldn't afford them before, but this puts a new light on things.' That looks after the $3.5 billion the Yanks were thinking about giving us.

So in return for ripping us off for illegal tarriffs on lumber, the US is going to give us some huge airlift capability. And it's a good thing, too, because by the time they get here in 4 years, the Armed forces might be huge! As it is you could get the whole army, with most of their equipment, into those babies now! (I'm exaggerating.)

And the lumber agreement, why, we get to keep on pumping cheap lumber into the US just like we did before, they jack up the price and make a tidy profit. Heck they might even sell some back to us! It really helps that old balance of trade deficit.

From the look on the leaker's face, I don't think the words 'countervailing tarriff' ever crossed his arthropodic little mind. He was cranking a leak because he'd O.D.ed on O'Dowds and feeling a lot smarter that he looked. Catch the nice 'hang loose' he was flashing at the photog! Really, his Mom should have whacked his pee pee some time back to discourage public pashing. I hope the next picture shows him using a scrub brush and bucket. What a dork!

Personally, I'd send him down to the States as part payment for those two strata lifters - with a dong like he's got, this boy has a future in the American porn industry.

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