Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Kid Rocks - NOT ANYMORE

Canada's national inflatable doll model and her newest 'daddy' have called it quits. For the hopeful that means that the girl who put Baywatch and Tim the TOOL Taylor on the map - whatsername and that skid, the Kid Rock are no longer doing the horizontal tango. Hockey fans and insipid bio readers will be 'dee-lited'.

As if the world was hoping that they would make it to old age, or at least as far along as the average gay couple, in matrimonial bliss - seeing as they did get married twice. Now I can understand the Kid wanting to marry Pam, but vice versa? The 'kid' looks worse than some homeless guys I've seen. He looks like he could be smelled if you scratched his photo. I've never seen him perform, but I earnestly hope he can sing or dance, because you wouldn't pay to go look at him. Or maybe he's another in the apocryphal line of 'frontmen' who are chosen for their other 'attributes'. That famous line, "If you don't know 'Melancholy Baby' then just show us yer dick" comes to mind. He's cut from the same cloth as Tommy Lee, with his tattoos and his penchant for home movies.

As amattera fact that's what reportedly caused the rift. Pamela had a bit part in the Borat movie, and a brief clip of the famous honeymoon tape was included. Well the KID who's really quite the prude, apparently, had an unnnatural reaction to his wife's 'acting'. He wigged and called her some derogatory names that you shouldn't call a spouse and told her she'd "degraded" herself. As if marrying him was some sort of redemptive experience. Well that's that - irreconcileable differences. You'd think that Pam, who's reputed to have a head on her shoulders, would get wise. She needs her 'men' , in the words of Gloria Steinem, "like a fish needs a bicycle".

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