Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pinocchio Takes Charge

The OPP, recently divested of its head honcha - Maeb, queen of the faeries, has selected a tough, law and order guy to replace her. Julian - I am the police officer - Fantino was called out of retirement as head of Ontario's security advisory panel to don the blue-black of the Omperial Provincial Police and man a desk at the showcase headquarters in ????? (just where will be determined).

Julian would have been a natural replacement for Jamborini as head of the Royal Canuck Mounty Police - if Harper had had the testosterone to dismount him. That didn't happen, so second best is better than no best at all. As it is, it seems that Julian didn't even have to apply. The OPP'ies, or Liberals, knew, that, like Moses, his time had come. There are probably a bunch of 'hard workers', on the way up, who are really disappointed. A promotion from outside the force - probably the second ever. If Julian wasn't the epitome of policing, one might think there was some political finagling afoot.

As it is, he'll have his pants full - that Iroquois protest an all. True to form he decided that a meeting of minds was in order - to get a first-hand take on the "issues". Needless to say he'll be springing for lunch, eh?

What sort of chief wears a little itsy, bitsy OPP shoulder crest anyway?

"The humility, oh God the humility!" isn't that what the radio commentator, who covered the Hindenberg disaster, was saying?

The enthronement was entirely sedate. The course ahead relatively clear, for now.
In actuality Julian is to orchestrate some sever shaking up at OPP headquarters. A severe reassessment if you will - to prepare the force for the new millenium.

That's too bad, because the Mounties seem to need it more.

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