Thursday, October 26, 2006

Did not! Did too!

The High School cafeteria mentality of Canada's House of Commons is at an all-time low of late. The speaker sits like some sort of confused galumph of a substitute-teacher as the sophomores of all parties engage in the fine 'art' of the heckle.

According to one sage of the chamber - heckling - better known as shouting down the opposition - dates back to midieval times. I'm sure it does, but then so do the black death, witchery and open street sewers - so idiocy, even with some sort of historic cachet, is still the stuff of idiots.

This week it's all about a contentious reference to a 'dog' and someone's past girlfriend - typical high school material. During a report to the Commons on the environment by the ministress whose 'big hair' is somehow supposed to add gravity to an otherwise lacklustre government performance, some wit on the Liberal benches enquired aloud how Peter McKay's dog was doing. See the incisive and appropriate wit at work? McKay is reputed to have indicated the empty seat of his former bint, the side-swapping Belinda Stronach, and replied with cunning quickness "You've got her."

Well it took more than a few minutes for the Opposition to realize that now they had something significant to question the government about - rather than that old 'global warming' and Kyoto issue they worked hard for a decade to avoid. So, they sank their gnashers into the looney-tunes activity.

If the Speaker isn't able to fine these doofi we elect, he should be! Say, a day's pay for doing it, and a day's pay for every day they fail to apologize for doing it. Heckling that is. Now some explanations for questions asked are truly ridiculous non-answers - the Libs were masters (and probably invented the cogent non-response) Mr. Speaker. They should be fined for that as well. A month of being hit in the old non-taxable benefits would brighten our dimwits - or make them listen more.

The whole timbre of the parliament needs revamped and that lies at the feet of the Speaker. Apparently he's either asleep or as much a simpleton as the rest. In either case he should begone!

Now there are more tales of romance emanating from the hallowed hill of parliament. This time someone and one of the pages (a former page?). Now I like a love story about as much as the Governess General, but I don't elect my member for his amourial prowess. If the lovey-dovin' is getting in the way, go somewhere else for the lovey-dovin'. Immediate termination and a by-election. Even for boyfriend-girlfriend crap. There's enough down-time during the year, it doesn't need done while there's work on the table.

In the meantime, there are more important things to waste time over besides accusations and denials. Get on with it.

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