Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jihadis on YOUR Street

Now that George W(RONG) Bush is starting to get the wobbles on Iraq, the ranting righties are screeching about the "world jihad". That's right, them jihadis have ex-caped from the middle east and are invading the world.

The number of Iraqis who've fled that country's turmoil are now being pegged as trained 'alqaeda operatives' being farmed out to any western countries (Sweden is noted) who'll take them to foment the jihad (War on Sweden is noted) Uncle Sam started in Iraq. Canada is number one on the yankees' 'sucker list'. Because of Iraqis? No, because of Somalis!

Remember how Uncle Sam botched the Horn of Africa and got the warlords raising mayhem? Quite a number of Somalis who fled to Canada are returning to Somalia now that they finally have neen able to dump the warlords. The only problem is that 'they' happen to be the Islamic Court party and so far they seem to be on the way towards 'liberating' Somalia for Islam, not democracy. That, and the fact that Somali-Canadians are coming and going home, is putting the wind up the 'patriots' down south. They believe that these trained 'jihadists' will be massing on the borders to take a poke at Toonsville USA.

Funny how they weren't complaining about those Serbo- and Croato- Canadians going home for sniper practice in Sarajevo a few years back. Or the annual efflux of the children of Abraham making Aliyah to do their miltary service in the IAF. They never griped about the SriLankan Tamils or the Ulster boyos. But those horrible Somalis who shot down a peace-keepin' helo and dragged the dead crew through Mogadishu they're barbarians coming to pull down the empire. Normally you could write this off as the lack of some anti-psychotic medication, but its a 'position' shared by some folk highly placed in the American government, media, and military. But then, when you're 'right' you don't need evidence, or reality.

This means augmented border security! You better look a lot like Jimmy Olsen or Sandra Dee to get into, over or near the great US of A without an inspection of your fundamental cavities for IEDs or automatic weapons. I wonder what our dusky brothers will do especially with names like Kaleel and Akeem. Members of minority groups - Indians and Chicanos should be subject to closer inspection, easpecially if they served in the Army or Marines and particularly if they had combat experience in the Gulf. Maybe the barbarians are already inside the walls!!!!

Look out the sky is falling. And there's a Maine lobster loose! Look to yer priming and keep yer powder dry! Helter Skelter, just like Charlie said.

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