Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big Bro IS Watchin'- Apparently

Just in from bowling tonight and a fellow in my league, who does some business with the US, called me over and told me that, somehow, his business contacts had gotten wind that I sent him an e-mail inviting him to check out this blog. They weren't happy, and, as it involves money for him, he was asking me not to refer to my blog in any future e-mails.

I can understand his concern about the money, but I don't get how he can accept some 'intelligence-gatherer' in the great land of liberty reading his e-mail. Not only reading what he writes, but what his contacts write. Talk about guilt by association. And what association? He never even read the stuff I write, but some 'intelligence-gatherer' in the great land of liberty obviously has.

I guess if packages in Boston, and truck cabs with extra east indians in Texas aren't around every day, you have to find 'intelligence' somewhere. How about on them neo-liberal commies' rastafarian jihadist blog sites. Gawd, just drifting the mouse across one might change the chemistry of yer vital bodily fluids! It certainly wouldn't change any true believer's mind, but it might make some of the others think. I doubt that too. This blog line has been going on since last spring and so far I've had two feedbacks posted - so it's not like I'm knotting underwear.

I correspond with a couple of military opinion sites and had one poster, on a US site, a retired cop from Nova Scotia, remark that I was a "notorious liberal blogger" - so maybe he read some of my diatribes, but he left no mark of his passing either.

As far as I'm concerned, this is just another indicator of the American 'mentality' that, if you don't want to play the game their way, they'll take the ball and all the other equipment and go home. It's too bad that we sleep so close to the elephant that we have to kiss its backside goodnight on a regular basis. It's almost a pity that we changed our focus of trade from Britain - at least we expected the aristos to screw us. The Yanks are a different sort - We're your bestest friends. Don't you like us? You do! OK, bend over.

Maybe if those 'intelligence gatherers' weren't so busy protecting our way of life, they could get one of their own and maybe become a little less self-centred and paranoid. It might just change the world.

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