Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He Had an Honest Face

In the news the story of Travis Smith, former Regina football player charged with failing to disclose his AIDS positive status with two 'girlfriends'. The media posit this as a 'groundbreaker' in terms of the fact that the two silly bints involved maintained fairly long-term relationships with Smith, that he did, at least initially, wear condoms as a step toward safeness and that they didn't become infected, at least by him.

The AIDS lobby is out in full cry about "criminalizing a disease". And some of the rest of us can only wonder.

AIDS is a death sentence. Never mind the fact that one might live for a protracted period on some sort of medically-induced reprieve system, AIDS, or one of its oppportunistic off-shoots, is going to put you in your grave. AIDS is nothing as 'normal' as its sufferers, and their sympathisers, would have us believe. It is a killer, and it continues to spread at a consistent rate - entirely due to behaviours.

While society doesn't 'criminalize', or even legally restrict, diseases - if one can ignore restrictions imposed on some during the "SARS crisis"- society is not reticent about jailing people who suffer from diseases that impact their behaviour. Alcoholism is considered to be a disorder, but driving a car, twice, while in its throes will net you a jail term. A bank-robber with kleptomania is going to jail irregardless. Jails are full of schizophrenics. Someone with AIDS, who rapes a female child in the hope of 'being cured' will go to jail - nor for being an AIDS sufferer, but for the rape. And so the case before us. Travis Smith insisted on riding bareback, and even told a little white lie, or two, in order to do it. He should go to jail.

Of course the defence is pointing at the incredible stupidity of the two complainants as mitigating circumstances. Obviously not only men are afflicted with crotch-oriented mental processes, these 'ladies' depict themselves as some sorts of 'sperm banks'. Criminal stupidity comes to mind as well. We don't criminalize it, but we sure to punish criminal activity resulting from it. Tieing up the courts for a tort from a tart verges on this. If there are any people on earth who should realize that exposing oneself to repeated injections by a 'hopefully clean' member met in a bar is risky, it should be such as these. They testify that they were aware, asked, were lied to and allowed Cap'n Highliner to come on board anyway. That's freaking incredibly stupid. These two are future welfare cases, if they aren't already.

Thank goodness we're not all that bad. I wouldn't have wanted to be playing ball with this clown, and I note he's no longer doing that. I don't know if I'd want to be married to him, either. His wife must be a saint, or simply worse than these 'bimbae'. He screws around, and he has AIDS, and he drags it all into court. His attorney describes him as "30-year old married father of two, who has no previous criminal record", just an every-day Joe being 'picked-on'.

But then I shouldn't be 'dissin' his manhood, he does have an honest face.

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