Monday, June 25, 2007

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

This weekend Toronto's celebration of all that is 'bent' - the annual Gay Pride Parades- tied up Hogtown's main drag. The Saturday /Sunday flash dances were the culmination of a week's workout of Church Street's sapphic and mattachine proclivities. Gays of all colours, nationalities and orientations entertained the onlooking crowds with their antics. Visitors came from all around the world in a demonstration of metrosexual solidarity.

Saturday was Dyke Day - a wahoo about everything lesbian. Bimbos with babies, the divine society for the orgiastically obese, dykes on bikes - the motorcycle mommas from heck. All lady-lovers hit the streets with their whistles and the strap-on appliances for an 'in your face' celebration of misandry.

Sunday was queer day. Buffed and polished, primped and posturing bewigged and festooned in get-ups that would have made Loretta Young envious. The boys and their toys took to the streets to flaunt their finery and strut their 'stuff'.

If one was a student of the tit, the bum or other secondary sex characteristic, there they were, on display. If one was a student of human psychology, there was a walking demonstration that Ann landers was wrong when she decided homosexuality was all-right. There is definitely something the matter with some people. Gay, they ain't. Flaunting your gayness night be a laudable, and historically definitive activity for these, some of them anyway. But if displaying sexuality is a 'healthy' activity why hasn't it been more widely acceptable among the majority heterosexuals? It isn't because, basically, it isn't.

This same weekend the Canadian Anglican church wrestling over the issue of 'blessing' homosexual unions, decided that it was better to remain Anglican than to break some new social ground, even if it meant the possibility of disobedient pastors or offending some sodomitic church-goers. Some people just can't see where Jesus even hinted that the old testament was wrong about homosexuality. For all the talk of modernizing religion really comes down to the choice of following Christ, or going your own way. Just as so many alternate sex-style folks had back in His time. No matter how many happy marriages are ordained for loving couples, it doesn't make what they do to express their affection natural, or right.

The gay creed is getting out to young kids too. There almost seems to be some sort of cachet that having a same-sex friend, one you have a sexual relationship with, is an acceptable expression of who you are. I was in school last week when a kid I taught a few years back told me that her best friend was getting married and she was in the wedding party. Then she volunteered that she and her 'girlfriend' were really that. They had a sexual relationship and the fiance 'didn't mind'. I thought she was taking the mickey to see how I reacted, obviously the other kids in the class had heard this before. I realized later that she was being serious and honest in her own way. I went back the next day and talked to her about adultery. I assume that homosexuals, if they're serious about seeking a 'religious blessing' for their activity, might still adhere to that commandment. One of the teachers told me that the number of hand-holding girl pairs in the Catholic High School this spring was remarkable. Not only is the Church teaching not being heard, the gay 'thing' is becoming acceptable. I guess if Whitney and Madonna can give each other the tongue on TV, anything goes.

I notice in the news to-day that the Dutch are undergoing the start of a bit of counter-culture in terms of how Dutch society had changed through liberalization. A Christian reform party is actually gaining ground among Dutchmen who think things have gone too far. Canada likes to think of itself as 'liberated' like the Netherlands. But, like the Netherlands, the trouble with a free-style society will start with immigration and move on from there. 'Liberty' isn't freedom at all for most people, it just subjects the majority to the whims and actions of the few.

Pride Weekend is like that, it's the PR for something that remains, in actuality, a seedy and scurrilous lifestyle where people feed off each other and the lowest common denominator is the bottom line. What used to be a hidden lifestyle is now paraded as 'normal', but it's like putting theatrical make-up on a chancre. Pride weekend is nothing of which to be proud.

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