Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still Skidding After All these Years

The Rt. Honourable Brian Mulroney is back in full form, full of 'piss 'n vinegar' in defence of his reputation as Canada's 'greatest' Prime Minister.

This time after a public inquiry was announced to look into his relationship with German 'entrepreneur' Karlheinz Schreiber. The aforesaid businessman, currently being 'held' in Canada while a deportation order is appealed, has just remembered that he gave his dear pal $300 000 in cash to do some middleman stuff for him. He claims he wants a refund because Brian didn't carry through his end of the 'deal'.

A court ruled a week later that there was no impediment to the 'Kinder from Kirchenhausen' going back to face fraud charges in his homeland. Meanwhile the 'boyo from Baie Comeau' who had forgotten to mention the cash payments at an earlier time when he denied having any business with Schreiber, wanted a public inquiry to 'clear his name'. That last denial got him $2.5 million to cover 'legal fees' in a case that had something to do with 'pay offs' for airliner sales managed by Schreiber. Writers have posited that it happened, but the ironclad proof isn't there. The only guys who know what happened and how, with any degree of certainty are the two in the news right now.

And it looks like one of them might not be sticking around for the inquiry. No witness? No case. It's debatable whether the Harper government will want to spend millions on another protracted hearing which might prove to hold some political embarrassments for the Tories. Or whether they'll let Schreiber take a long overdue one-way trip to Deutchland and hope he keeps his fat mouth shut. I daresay the former PM would prefer that, and another apology.

I wouldn't trust Schreiber as far as the fat man could be tossed by an octogenarian. Mulroney, if those billets doux that came out in the media are to be believed, is, at least guilty of lying down with swine. If he doesn't like the smell of pig crap now, tough. Karlheinz seemed to be more than a passing acquaintance.

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