Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wolfie of the North

The Liberal party, to avoid a public meltdown, are clustering around their great white hope Mike Ignatieff. Politically this is a good move. For the country, however, it's another step toward the dark side. For Iggy has all the jugular instinct, and more, than the fey chaps glad-handing each other in the backroom of the PMO. Mr. Harper might just have met his match when it comes to tricky-dickiness.

A recent addition to the godhead rank of Liberality, Ignatieff is a recyled neocon latterly from the Ivy League. An ardent supporter of Mr. Bush's little Asian adventure, Iggy saw the light when he was approached by a Liberal 'agenda' group about his interest in leading a nation. On paper he now opposes the Iraq war, but as an Israelite, he knows on which side his blintz is honeyed and as a proponent of lesser evils, he knows eggs have to get broken to make omelets. So Canada will be counted on to continue to make itself a target in the GWoT.

Not that there's much wrong with additions to the Liberal party, mind you, most leaders lately are additions to the Liberal party. Since Dave Peterson they've been working off the bottom of the barrel. There's nobody left who fits the 'mantle of leadership' inside the party. Jean Chretien knew that, and that's why he parachuted the two Quebec 'gars d'or' , Stephane Dion and Perre Pettigrew, into the party and into his caucus. Pettigrew was the obvious star, but his meteoric rise was matched with a notably uneventful and sudden disappearance. He must have goosed somebody's missus or have been caught with his finger in an aide.

Dion persevered to continue and, being the last of a dying breed of long term Liberals-by-choice, he succeeded in getting the nod over the even more novel float-ins, or the still raw contenders for leadership. That vote happened the day after the statutory hospitality suite blow-out, I'd imagine, for the Liberals failed to note that, for a professor, Dion was virtually incoherent. Needless to say the Conservatives, and lately, the people of Canada, did.

The other contender for 'leadership' - Bob Rae - is another convert to liberalism. Harper's minions would have been having nocturnal emissions about his becoming the leader. He's just too big a target with his 'communist' background, and too nice a guy to hit back. Giorno put him 'to bed' once already for little Mickey Harris. He stepped aside to allow Ignatieff to become some people's choice. The acclamation and coronation will come at a later time, for right now there's work to be done.

I wouldn't imagine that toppling the Tories will be it. By the time they return, the blues should have cobbled out some sort of an economic plan that Iggy would have been 'consulted about' (and, no doubt, will find acceptable). For Iggy has more in common with Steve Harper than he does with Duceppe and Layton. He wasn't big on 'power sharing' anyway. He's an all or nothing sort of guy. El Lupo will be getting ready for his next election from day one - and that's about getting money, not upsetting applecarts.

It should be interesting. He'll support Harper until Harper gets fed up with him and decides to call an election. Or until Harper gooses somebody's wife or gets caught with his finger in an aide. Harper may have a harder time blaming an election on a recalcitrant opposition like he did last time, and Iggy should have a gang of cut throats waiting to go after him. I would hope, however, they're not numbering the wet farts who put him in place among them. Peterson, Jean Augustine and Dave Smith who might be able to fool the lib's, but would have their asses handed to them in thin slices by the Conservative 'punkerpan' division.

Iggy may have awards and credentials up his wazoo, but he's much like the bride at an Tazhik wedding - all protests and innocence until she gets a look at the new fridge; then it's knickers off and hit the blocks. Iggy's got his new fridge, and the house and the boat .... and there's more than a likelihood that somebody's going to get screwed. Let's hope it's Harper. But Canada with a choice between two big 'dicks', is more the likely target.

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