Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They Didn't Buy It!

The malignant dwarf's budget, if that's what it can be called, was surprisingly, and maliciously attacked by those who would see this great nation held in thrall to the political machine and big unions. Just because the latter-day 'robin-ette' wanted to take back public funds that were wasted on political parties in order to save the taxpayer the expense of electing the bastiges, and make those civvy servants keep their noses to the grindstone, the lily libs and Quebec firsters banded together to thwart the 'peoples' choice'. (Same day they appealed to their public supporters to pony-up $200 each. You won't see these guardians of the public purse cut back on tax deductibility of political donations, or even make them equal to charitable donations. I guess it's "important" to have that part of the process funded by the rest of the public.)

Actually what has happened is that the Ontario wing, who must know where Steve Harper keeps his dirty undies, have managed to get themselves into a position where they can dictate policy. Figuring that Harris got away with the same crap in Ontario, and trusting in the innate nastiness of the Canadian people when there's an opportunity to bone anybody in a lower tax bracket who can be targetted, they've gone-off prematurely. Most people in Canada are starting to wonder if the age of free-range business is paying-off like the trickle-down folk said it would. They've been caught in an untenable position and the enemy have united into a solid-looking front with the objective of cold-cocking the Conservatives.

Guy Giorno, and that office full of fey fellows who've done nothing useful so far in their lives but pull each others ding-dongs and run the levers of power, are scrambling for an 'out'. Steve Harper has one, it's called bone the backroom boys. But that would cause rancour and dissension in the ranks, and that's not supposed to happen. After all those coordinated group genuflections have been practised so long. So, for now, the PC's are toughing it out. They've started moaning and blaming the bad old incompetent Libs for going against the 'will of the people' (dentifrice Blair's take). They won't compromise, or commit to any sort of a plan for the economy (they don't have a plan for the economy) but they say they aren't being allowed to govern. That's what happens when you don't get a mandate from the majority. Actually the 'majority' of Canadians will be far better represented under 'Cerberus', than under the business-friendly PCs, - after all the majority voted for them.

The Liberals are a concern. Already the PC 'plants' in that group have called on Dion to step aside for a new leader - saying Canadians rejected him. I don't know if that's the case so much as they preferred the local PC candidate. We know he doesn't speak well, but he's brighter than some folk around the Prime Minister. Waiting in the wings for a 'promised' leadership convention in 3 months, are the heirs apparent - the wolf, the lamb and the non-entity. I would hope that if he does succeed, Dion would give the job a chance before he gives it up. A deal-breaker might just drive some potential Liberal 'leaders' back to the philosophies from which they came - and that, in my estimation, would be a good thing. If there's anything undemocratic it would be the Liberal caucus picking the next Prime Minister without an national leadership test beyond the conventional peter-pull.

Announced to-day was the possibility of a parliamentary ' break' to allow the PCs to run a damage control program before the face-off in parliament. How long that break would be remains to be seen. An early Christmas adjournment would have Orders in Council running the shop until mid-winter. By that time, the lack of an anti-depression package might well, of necessity, have been addressed. Goes to show that Steven Harper knows how to play tricks. But then we knew that, and let him off with it once.

It might be the best move to let 'Cerberus' reign, but whoever is in the catbird's seat is going to get a sore bum from the economy. I'd like this to be Mr. Smooth, he and his neocon pals deserve it. There are few pols on the scene who'll walk away from an economic collapse with their mandate intact. Steve deserves that.

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