Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let 'Er Snow. Let 'Er Rain. Let 'Er Rip!

What’s going on with that crazy climate eh? The great White north isn’t it’s usual old blizzard-stricken self. It’s more like one of those Arctic Deserts the Arctic used to be, cold, with very little snow. That normal old clashing of warm and cold fronts that turns so much of Canada into a winter wonderland is doing the trick for folk who would be shopping for new Topsiders right about now.

America the beautiful will be adding a new chorus about snowbanks and winter tires if this keeps up.

 But there’s a kind of poetic justice in the land that bought into the ‘myth’ of climate change. Even to-day the Fox newsies are calling it a winter storm comparable to the one George Washington and company went through at Valley Forge. So, if the Continentals could freeze their way though it in log sheds, well to-day’s minutemen can tough it out in multimillion dollar properties, even in the heat is off.

That’s another thing, no signs of hardship when tens of thousands are without electricity. Just crank up the new generator and figure someway to get the TV going. The gas fireplace will look after the rest and the feather duvets from L.L.Bean would make you think your living with Abe Linkum.

(All right so those first two pictures were of a little disaster in Afghanistan, not the big snow stateside. Bet those Afghan could have used some shovels. Napalm melts snow doesn't it?)

It’s really OK if this winter stuff  lasts another week,  Spring is on the way and another three weeks will see cherry blossoms bursting on the Mall. In the meanwhile there’s an Olympics to root for.

The Winter Olympics have been hit by the reverse-winter phenom. In an area chosen for its winter snows,  the Olympic venues are bearing all the hallmarks of a dry hump. Snow is being brought in by helicopter to augment the base being laid down every night by the snow-making machinery. Mother Nature has been generous with the precipitation, but for the most part it has been the wet kind. It’s looking like anybody peddling Olympic umbrellas and waterproof duds might be a winner this time round.

Many of the events are indoors but it will be interesting to see what effect warmer temperatures might have in the skiing and sledding events. As it is, the super-advanced MASH tent designed for the Canadian Government is supposed to be 'striking' when you get up close or inside. That means there must be  free lunch for the pols.

There are only 6 more weeks of real winter left, so looking forward to a warm-up in the north land is all good. But perhaps the winter highs, from the old north pole, that protected us from the snowfall, will stick around and protect us from summer. That would be an altogether different story.

Especially if the climate got ‘stuck’ in that mode. But we'll stick our heads under our arms and hope that it ain’t true. Even if it is, maybe the automobile recalls will turn the tide.

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