Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, Blow! Blow! Blow Me Down!

In a previous blog I had remarked on how well the sports psychologists had prepped Canada's athletes for the upcoming contest. I'd also noted how many of the athletes were bumming and blowing about owning stuff - the sport, the slopes, the gold.

One of those cracked-up to be a real contender was a chap called Osborne-Paradis who claimed to know the slopes at Whistler better than anybody else on earth. All he had to do he claimed was pick out his course within the boundaries and down the slope and 'by gar' them Postes Canada better have that new stamp about Canadian gold rolling of the presses with his champion's grin front and centre.


Well it seems that fate or bad manners or something,  put a "bump" in this wunderkind's progress, and being as he hadn't noticed it before, it almost knocked him out of the race completely. So we should all be eating maple leafs to-day rejoicing in the fact that his 17th place finish should line him up good for the 2014 games.

Like, I know I shouldn't be cracking-off about those who do while I don't,  but  there's a certain amount of shit blowing around these days telling you you're less of a Canadian if you're not supporting our athletics or chipping in a donation to help 'sports'  at  Zellers. Just like I don't support General Rick, or any of the other troops  who think that they're in Afghanistan to kill a 'scumbag' for me, I don't support the fatuous 'aces' who talk a great game and then fail to place. Unlike me, they're afforded a lot of  free time, facilities and public support to represent themselves and, vicariously, the rest of us, doing something they at least claim to love doing. But spare us the hot air. Be humble and do your best. If you ain't bragging you've got my support. If you show yourself to be a good sport, you've got it in spades - even if you don't win anything.

Osborne-Paradis has one more event in this Olympics. Maybe this embarrassment will help him shut-up, focus and, maybe, do better. But I doubt it. Blaming a bump for not being able to handle a bump says something about character that tends describe the 'loser'.

PS  Can you spell hubris - he blew his last chance, too. Maybe he'll be a better man for it, but I'd watch the drinking.

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