Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Wummin

Anne Coulter is in the news north of the 49th. She's visiting the GWN to save 'real' Canadians from the dusky masses and welfare bums - and she's not getting a fair chance to get the word out. And that's offendink the wank artists and yarmulkeh weavers who've invited her here, I would imagine in an effort to get some good upskirts, or a shot of her bodacious tat-tas from just that 'perfect' angle. Although what's so 'hot' about her is beyond me but it couldn't be for her 'wit'. She sounds like an effeminate jock bullshitting in the locker room - the humour is about that level, too.

At first glimpse one might imagine the scrawny clapped-out wagon marms who hiked across a continent before dropping a passel o' young 'uns in a log hut she built by herself while her man Zeke rested-up with the moonshine jug and recharged his degenerative powers. One might just as easily envision her as a 'tobaccy rosey' on some hilbilly farm pulling the plow across stony fields when the mule was lost in a stock swindle, or Missus Joad suckling a neighbor chile  .... nah,  Ann would have to be the cub reporter watching that and complaining about how the market economy could be better utilized by po' folk. Actually it would be just as easy to envision her scalped and mutilated by a Pawnee war party because she wouldn't keep her big mouth shut, and to envision the cavalry wiping out the hostiles with 'remember Ann Coulter' on their lips and a tear on their cheek. Annie is quite some piece of American 'art'.

Ann, and her 'backers', the fey blades of the young Conservatives, are miffed because somebody pulled the plug on her spew at the U of Ottawa after the Dean warned her to be careful, and a bunch of 'unfriendlies' got her going at a kick-off lecture. She should have started off as she does at American universities, but then I don't think she speaks at that 'kind' of university. The minds she wants to address don't need to think, they just do as they're told - by Bob Jones, Oral Roberts Junior or whatever other latter day Profit who sees himself setting up a 'paradigm of Christian higher learning'. She wouldn't want to start calling names at most of the Ivy Leagues, or even State colleges these days, as the dusky Americans and those with almond-shaped eyes are gaining the majority. Even in a land of  'free speech' I couldn't see her getting away with her 'wisecracks'. It's just a good thing she comes across as high-class white trash, if she was black somebody might have 'offed' her already.

Anyway, Ann was offended enough by the "whiners" to threaten to launch a human rights action herself - that goes beyond the whining her acolytes were doing. Somebody even suggested in a paper to-day that Ann "deserves to be heard". I think she has the right to say anything she wants - even offensive stuff. But I think my right to not listen to her trumps that. She has no right to be 'heard' - except by those who want to, and they, too, have no right make me listen - or to use public support to enable it. User pays - that's a concept they are familiar with. That includes renting an auditorium and not using free accommodation at a publicly funded university, college or a school by calling her crap 'educational'. It's as educational, if not as hilarious, as a buttful of MacLean and MacLean and they have to pay, so does she.

Ann has moved west to a part of Canada reserved by God and nature to the white race and those who think American. But if the faces I was seeing on the coverage of the last Olympics were any indication, Ann might need a sonderbataillion of sturmtruppen at her next 'free speech' event. Otherwise she's just apt to have to spend all her time getting sassy with some uppity ragheads, or burqah bimbos. She obviously has some cute camel toes to share.

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