Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Skewed View on History, NATO and the 'Truth' that is EUkrainia

James Bissett has outstanding qualifications as a diplomat and a participant and observer in the great events of modern history. His 'slant' on modern times, while it flies in the face of 'conventional wisdom' and the philosophy that justifies modern aggressive war, is the kind of truth that should be setting us free.

Our 'enemies' may not be waging Jihad, or 'invading' Ukrainia,   but sitting behind desks in the power centres of the western governments and corporate offices.  Along with the political shenanigans, the rationale for  'eternal war' is based in the greed of the 'free market' and the need to control the earth's resources to 'create wealth' for 'the deserving'.

Western 'democratic' governments have been co-opted, or 'created' by corporate interests to fulfill a purpose that often has nothing to do with ordinary people. Except that the ordinary people are expected, and legislated,  into supporting and paying for it. The democracy part stops at the 'election process' which sees a list of 'selected' characters stand and, often, given the deepest pockets, elected to office. Democracy like this we haven't had since the days of the Roman forum.

We in the democratic west used to make mock of the Russian system of 'official' candidates and a uniparty approach.  But what's the difference between multi-parties with only coloured icing to differentiate and the same 'donors' getting the same favors from whichever wins an election and would like to win the next one?  The Electorate can't recall a 'mistake' in mid-term, doing so, in most democracies, would be greeted by the riot squad or the military. In Ukraine it took $6 billion in foreign investment and a few years of  'organizing'.  Something like 'the Maidan' in New York City, or London, wouldn't be tolerated - squatters in the 'business district' weren't.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk , Prime Minister of the Black Hundreds was in Berlin last week drumming-up some Eurosupport (money) for besieged little Ukrainia, made a very interesting speech to the Germans. While I'm pretty sure he might have mentioned some aspects of their common history, I'm pretty sure that BabiYar didn't come up.  What did come up was the following:"All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany,"

Other 'Invasion' Lviv 1941

While speaking for himself might indicate a failing grade in high-school history, or at least a term paper that might not have panned-out as planned,  but what 'all' in Germany might remember, even though it isn't on the curriculum, is what most Germans to-day call 'the Nazi era' and the resulting liberation by Allied forces - one of which was Russian. The defeat of Naziism may be recalled, maybe even the defeat of Germany, but "invasion'"- only to Adolf.  Unless you're counting the British, French and American, along with lesser allies,  as well. The Russians certainly were 'in company' for that "invasion." They 'did Ukraine', that time, all on their own, and the valiant forces of Bandera, for the most part, fled west, with the Wehrmacht behind them - 'scorching' Ukraine as they retreated. In that light, if nothing else, can it be contrasted to what hasn't happened, yet, to Ukraine.  His statement is certainly at odds with the experience of most of EU outside Germany but does demonstrate the adage that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Kyiv after the Soviet 'invasion'1944

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