Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beware the Jealous Peon

While America's steely gaze was focused on the threats from the east, while her fightin' men were training-up a new generation of heroes in places all across the globe, the tyrannical 'communists' of Venezuela, trampling all over the freedom of anti-government protestors to protest, arrested the ringleaders, flung them into a dungeon and demanded war powers for their enfeebled leadership.  In doing so Venezuela has parlayed itself into an official 'threat to US national security'.  So, just when President Obama was about to strew Cuba with the blessings of American friendship, the sanctions program will be refocused on the land of uppity peons.

What is the nature of that threat?  Harboring enemy WMDs?  Playing host to a jihadis? Plotting to overthrow a federal government?  A Conspracy to flood the US market with cheap dope? Overwhelm border security with a wave of illegal immigrants? Corner the market on 'ass-wipe' and adult paper diapers?  Stop selling America oil?  What could it be that the fat Wayne Newton look-alike has done to warrant being banned from OAS group photos?

Why he's made America waste another whack of cash fomenting nothing!  Unlike the $6 billion 'eclat' in Kyiv, a year of the best subsidized mayhem money could buy hasn't shifted the tyrants a millimeter. All it has done is get the 'useful idiots' unfairly arrested and a series of CIA operatives sent back home. Where's Vicki Nuland when you need her? But America doesn't have many 'EUkrainian type' pals in Venezuela  (at least not smart ones like in Kyiv). The majority of the simple don't want to go back to the 'good old days', even though things are tight and the army hasn't all been 'proselytized' in the School of the Americas..

Even the US agitprop of 'peaceful' protest turned violent, of shootings and tear-gassings, expensive sneakers, wife beaters , face masks, baseball caps, and 'murdered beauty queens' haven't had the kind of traction the dog-waggers need.  So it's well  past time to kick things up a notch and kick them in the slats. Obama hasn't announced the sanctions yet,  but Venezuela is starving for the simple things in life - a regular supply of toilet paper for one thing. (although I'd bet some of the poor haven't seen that, ever) decent razor blades, dippitydoo, and American jeans. And then there's the banking system, trade and the economy can always be 'shut right down'.

Just like Russia.

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