Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Strong Right Arm of EUkrainia

 There has been an outbreak of killings - of old politicians and new and old journalists,  that could be described as either 'flying accidents' when they fall from heights or 'hunting accidents' when they get themselves shot. There are also a growing number of 'suicides' among those who 'can't ' live in the new EUkraine.. Such a demographic doesn't seem to exist among 'real' Ukrainians

While Poroshenko bends backwards to make his government more acceptable to the west, he promotes his neo-nazi and rabidly nationalist supporters out of the public eye and into the increasing maelstrom that is EUkraine to-day.  The RADA is  taking on the semblance of an eastern European UN as expatriate Ukrainians come 'home' to take up the reins of government and foreign technocrats are 'nationalized' and given vital portfolios. In the meanwhile, the under-evil that seems to drive the new 'folk nation' is taking root and spreading out.

'Youth' has been a driving force in many of the staged  'lustrations', confrontations, provocations and punishments meted out to those who fail the test of ethnicity. Youth, backed up when necessary by strong-arm squads like the Kyiv security battalions,  regularly confront and beat those accused of being less than fervid in their love for country.

Until very recently a website helped those 'punishers' find their targets. (see below)

It was such an information that is, in some circles being blamed for the recent murder of former Minister Kalashnikov - shot to death answering the door to his 8th floor apartment. His assailants escaped without even video evidence. ( A car licensed in Latvia was reported to have been found and related to the killing.)

Youth has often been recorded rampaging and destroying 'Russian" businesses in the western regions. Here is a recent video of such 'youth' in action. Being stopped by elderly Ukrainians and put to shame by a grandmother. Such youth is the foundation of such 'volunteer battalions' as the Azov - noted for its front-line fighting.

Then there are members of the former governing party or administration who have failed to see things the 'new way'.

And there are journalists.

This one brings the number up to 14 since a year ago November.

Kalashnikov's 'rap' page

And most of them were listed on a terrorists and criminals site that encouraged good citizens to watch them or turn them in - along with a couple of hundred others who haven't been 'brought to justis'. The site was subsequently taken down and somehow purged from Google archives. but not before some information about it was retrieved.

MoA scooped

In a very recent development, Kyiv media were reporting that the "Ukraine Insurgent Army" - the latest anti-Maidan 'terrorist force' accused of bombings and demolitions in western cities -  are claiming to have killed these people. That gets those who really hated them off the hook, eh? It's almost poetic (something that appeals to the EUkrainian soul?) they were killed by worse enemies of freedom than they were ho, ho!

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