Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The first 'green on green' attack in Afghanistan, in a number of years, was reported yesterday when an Afghan soldier, apparently, turned a weapon on US 'advisors' wounding three of them.  The comcomittent reaction to the story ran the gamut from "let's be gone" to "vitrify the place", with almost every other previous comment mentioned,  in between.

While it isn't yet clear the Trump will - as some military experts, including the latest 'legatus legionis' to have been appointed, are calling for -  'mandate' a revitilized 'surge'.  Something useful to take back all those now-deserted 'posts' and 'bases', fly-in loads of new air conditioners, fridges and large screen TV's to replace those now 'aging'  in Afghan trash dumps. Something kinetic 'take the fight to the Taliban' (again), who have 'threatened' to overwhelm one of the best-trained and -equipped 'forces for freedumb' in west Asia.

They ( the pundits0 are giving Trump a triple option  for Afghanistan:  stalemate, failure or sending in more troops. Somehow I don't think Trump is going to want to win 'Bushco''s war in Afghanistan, or Obama's in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine or  West Africa for that matter, before he starts, and wins, one of his very own,  somewhere else. If he's smart,  he'd try 'doing' Venezuela - or Liberia.

Along with the steady stream of suicide bombings and the operations of the Afghan military, as Afghanistan 'gears-up' for another "fighting season",  the generous people of America have shipped-in another 4 Super Toucanos to help them make the jihadis 'stand-down' - and probably a double ration of anti-personnel bombs 'on the side'.  It's what real democracies do.

Here's a good bit of insight from Andre Vltchek, writing on Afghanistan, in Globalresearch - the Canadian alternative to the American  'neocon' narrative.

Andre Vltchek

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