Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yemen: bleeding Yemen

 Aside from the odd report of another bombing travesty, or Special forces raid,  whatever is happening in Yemen continues to happen largely out of the eye of the western news reader.  Even the media 'spinsters' who have much of modernity in thrall to their blasts and counterblasts, ignore what's going-on in the middle east or at least the Arabian peninsula, as if how someone sits on a Whitehouse couch is ever-so-much-more imprtant.

Here are a couple of stories that have squeaked out

 The first in regard to 'Trump's BIG Seal raid:  US DoD released 'intel' material 'taken during the raid' one item of which was an AQ 'training video.'  It turns out that this was nothing new, a copy of the same video had been released on DOD sources a few years back. So the dead Yemenis at the very best had a ccopy of some very dated 'training' material.  Or somebody goofed by reposting archival material and calling it 'new'.   Whatever,  the official line is that the raid was 'a success' and some 'valuable intel' was found. This just wasn't it.

It's not botched, really. Trust us. 

The latest sad tale surfaced last week when it was reported that 'something' had shot-up a boatload of refugees, in the 'war zone'  off the coast of Yemen,  killing a number and resulting in a necessaary  humanitarian 'rescue' operation.  As time went by and the corpses drifted in for pick-up,  it turns out the incident 'might have been' a Saudi  Coalition Apache strike on what somebody thought was a boatful of 'smugglers bearing arms into Yemen'. That apparently happens 'all the time' and is probably why the Houtis haven't, as yet, surrendered to the 'natural' government  of their nation, or its coalition allies.  What is interesting is that refugees weren't travelling, as one might expect, from war-ravaged, starving Yemen to relative safety in Djibouti or the Horn of Africa states, these were refugees 'fleeing' almost-stable Somalia for an active, first-world category, war zone in Yemen. And they didn't make it.

Refugees under airstike

UNHCR appalled

Latest developments

In the wake of the travesty, a story floated out that the 'natural'  government of Yemen was  'pulling the plug' on America's airborne bombardment assistance plan (ABAP). Commenting from relative safety and civilization in Egypt, the 'Yemeni government-in-waiting' rapidly recanted the tale. The USA will be fully-vested in any bombing of Yemen, or Yemenis,  that they deem fit, or necessary to do. It IS for the 'good' of the people, and, if some eggs have get broken, they will all still enjoy the omlelet.

from Cairo

Last Word from the UNHRC - save the poor Somalis 

And as they used to say in 'revolutionary' places - 'la lutte continue, la victoire est certaine'. In this case there is no certainty of victory, just more death and lutte.

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