Sunday, March 19, 2006

I want an Afghan (istan)

So our Mr Harper has placed Canadians firmly on the side of truth, purity and the American way. Our 'sojers' find themselves on the ramparts of the counter-jihad. In spite of General Rick's bluster and bravado, our troops desire to 'kick some ass' and the supportive visits of the PM, I'm hoping that they're right and that history is wrong.

I would have expected the PM to be making the case for our involvement to the public, rather than the military. That didn't happen. But, mirabile dictu, the PM is acting as if he had to explain it, we'd be too stupid to understand anyhow, so why bother? The soldiers see a wonderful opportunity to do what they've been trained to do - shoot somebody - and want to take a good poke at it.

Canada stands in a long line of those who have tried to tame the Afghan - none of whom have had any lasting success. How are we going to do it?  Easy!  We're going to spend a lot of time driving back and forth, at fairly high rates of speed, looking for suspected Taliban (who look amazingly like everybody else except Canadians and the Afghan government forces) while en route to 'peace meetings' with, possibly, local Taliban personnel (who look amazingly like village headmen and other 'friendly' Afghans but not the Afghan government forces). While doing this, we'll develop a healthy bunker mentality - realizing that we are constantly living in Taliban gunsights.

How will we know when we are accomplishing our goal? When the Afghans can 'roll up the rim to win' and start wearing hockey jerseys. Until then we'll just have to keep a sharp eye out for them nasty little r*g headed b******s - even if the pedicab is full of kids - don't take chances if you want to walk off the airplane in Canada.

I append a website reference. A videotaped experience in Afghanistan. At first the Taliban - very frightening - and then the Afghan police to the rescue. Who beats-up the camera crew? You guess. Maybe that's better than the Taliban who, apparently, seemed to want to shoot somebody. My take is that the Taliban know the local people (they're probably related). The police and the army - they're strangers, from some other part of Afghanistan. In a place like that strangers eventually 'lose'.

Do I support our troops? Yes, the poor saps. Do I support what they're doing in Afghanistan? Nope

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